• Lined with antimicrobial climacool fabric this face mask features a wire top frame for an adjustable fit, a velcro pouch for a replaceable filter, two compression cord locks for ear loop adjustment, and strong jacket cording that is flexible and offers a secure yet comfortable wear.

    • Made in the USA
    • Climacool antimicrobial liner to wick away sweat
    • Secure velcro opening for access to a removable filter
    • Two made in USA compression cord locks for ear fit adjustments
    • Elastic jacket cording ear loops
    • CDC guideline exterior material.
    • Hand wash 
  • Disclaimer: Following these instructions is no guarantee against infection or prevention of any disease. Instructions are provided as a Good Samaritan effort with the best information available at the time of creation. Use at your own risk. Disclaimer: These masks do not replace N95 masks and do not guarantee protection from any disease. There is significant information to show that barriers do help But are better than nothing and when made and worn correctly can get a significant amount of the particulate. This effort is about harm reduction and the use of these instructions is at your own risk. This effort is to provide the most vulnerable in our population an option as shortages mean then have no other. This will free up proper PPE for Healthcare workers… because without them nothing else will matter.

Camo Ballistic
Japanese Star Fabric
Red Floral
Blue Stripe

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