April 20, 2021

It’s a full day livestream on Sunday April 25th featuring artists broadcasting from around the world, plus some thought provoking panel discussions. 

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JOAO SELVA- Navegar | Tucker & Bloom Bags


April 08, 2021

JOAO SELVA returns with a second album, a true hymn to creoleness and tropicalism, embued with flavors of funk, jazz and disco.

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Kaidi Tatham: An Insight To All Minds | Tucker & Bloom Bags

Kaidi Tatham: An Insight To All Minds

April 07, 2021

'An Insight To All Minds' is Kaidi's 3rd solo album under his own name, following several EPs and two albums for First Word; 2018's acclaimed 'It's A World Before You' and the re-press of his seminal 2008 sophomore album 'In Search Of Hope' last year.

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Madlib Sound Ancestors | Tucker & Bloom Bags

Madlib Sound Ancestors

März 12, 2021

The year is off to a great start musically speaking. Madlib's Sound Ancestor release has been on repeat since it dropped. We are looking forward to stocking the release when it's not sold out but recommend you grab a copy wherever you can. File under "modern classic". 

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RUDY NORMAN- BACK TO THE STREETS (Flying Mojito Bros) | Tucker & Bloom Bags


März 11, 2021

The story begins with the original track ‘Back To The Streets’ by Rudy Norman, first out on a 7” as the B side to lead track – ‘Harmony’ in 1980 on New Day Records. It has long been a killer cult cut known in collector circles, with the opening solo Rhodes becoming a sample for underground producers far and wide

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Pharoah Sanders and Floating Points New Album 'Promises' | Tucker & Bloom Bags

Pharoah Sanders and Floating Points New Album 'Promises'

Februar 22, 2021

American jazz saxophonist Pharoah Sanders and Sam Shepherd ( aka Floating Points) collaborate with The London Symphony Orchestra to create an experimental jazz fusion on David Byrne's innovative Luaka Bop label. 

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Soul Supreme Huit Octobre 1971 / Raid Release | Tucker & Bloom Bags

Soul Supreme Huit Octobre 1971 / Raid Release

Januar 25, 2021

The new seven inch release by Amsterdam based Soul Supreme is a nod to the late MF DOOM. It's sure to sell out and to keep heads nodding. We are just glad we got a chance to order some for the shop! 

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Christmas Jazz Mix Volume 2 | Tucker & Bloom Bags

Christmas Jazz Mix Volume 2

Dezember 19, 2020

Friend of the brand Jeremy Zombie put together the sound track for your holiday. Volume 2 in the series is once again the perfect mix of classic Christmas Jazz. Have a happy holiday and enjoy the mix! 

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Dezember 16, 2020

Friend of the brand Paul DeFiglia, Nashville-based musician, producer, arranger, and engineer debuts his solo release, In Daylight, with a vinyl pre-order and digital download, featuring guest performances by Scott & Seth Avett (The Avett Brothers), Erin Rae, Mat Davidson (Twain, Big Thief), Adam McBride-Smith, Malachi DeLorenzo (Langhorne Slim), and more! 

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Cap Matches Color: Two Decades of digging | Tucker & Bloom Bags

Cap Matches Color: Two Decades of digging

Dezember 10, 2020

Cap Matches color is the definitive book on collectible Spray Paint. When they say "two decades of digging" they mean it. Over twenty years dedicated in hardware stores looking for and documenting an overlooked graphic history. The new edition of this book has something to offer whether you are clueless of this subculture or you're up to your ears in vintage Rustoleum.

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THE JIMI WALLET | Tucker & Bloom Bags


November 30, 2020

Designing a wallet seems simple enough. We all need a place to put cash, cards, and an endless stream of receipts. With the JIMI wallet I wanted to provide those essential functions and offer a way to prioritize. You don’t need to get your insurance card out as often as your debit or ID (I hope), but it does need a convenient place. With that in mind, we put two levered pull tabs that offer access to secondary storage spaces and a slip pocket on the back for the cards you use the most. 

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Leather Hitch Keychain | Tucker & Bloom Bags

Leather Hitch Keychain

November 24, 2020

As a product designer, I spend a lot of time obsessing over what folks might consider mundane. Take keys, for example. The number of times I spent looking for my keys, was locked out of my apartment, or was just generally disorganized as a result of having improper key discipline, are innumerable. 

To some degree or another, I feel we have all experienced this, so I started to tinker with the idea of trying to solve this problem.

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