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EXACTLY the bag I wanted

When I travel, I never know when I'm going to run across an excellent record store that's stocking an album I MUST HAVE. I wanted an "every day" bag with the right internal dimensions to hold records, too. I wanted it to be water-resistant in case I get caught by unexpected weather, and I wanted it to have plenty of extra pockets for other items I carry when I'm away from home. I searched and searched, and when I saw this bag, I knew it was THE ONE. I've had it for several weeks now, and it's everything I hoped it would be. Bonus points for being made in the USA by skilled workers who I presume are treated well. It's worth waiting for quality craftsmanship. Can't wait to take this bag with me on my next trip!

Nicholas Blow
The only bag for singles ;-)

This is my second RM 45 bag. The design, the materials, the construction, overall aesthetic is just perfect. And as said elsewhere customer service at T&B is on another level.


Extremely happy with my purchase, quite simply the very best bag to carry 45s .. beautifully made , options have limited appeal.. for me this is the boss, and the customer service here is the best I've ever known, highly recommend.... thank you Case,Rich and everyone involved 💙🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

Rustam Ospanoff
Rich Medina 45 bag

The best record bag I have ever had! Much love to Rich Medina and Tucker & Bloom for amazing quality and fast shipping!

Awesome bag and awesome customer service!

I primarily bought the bag to bring records back with me when I travel, and the bag is great for that. But it is also a great travel/carryon backpack. It is fantastic quality, and even though I've only had it for a few weeks, I know that I will be using it often.

In addition to the excellent quality of the pack, Tucker & Bloom's customer service is just fantastic. I really wanted the bag by Christmas, and they made sure to get it to me on time (frankly, I ordered it late enough that they went beyond the call of duty). They also kept me informed every single step of the way and answered my annoying email questions very quickly.

Great product, and a great company.

Awesome bag!

This is absolutely perfect for what my son was looking for. High quality, durable, and a beautiful design. A+

Rich Medina 45 bag

The bags great, sturdy, looks dope, and is beyond functional. Love it

Perfect For Vinyl Records

I bought this bag specifically to transport my records on the go. It will be put to good use when I travel and visit record shops wherever I go. The bag is the perfect size and holds upwards of 20+ records with sleeves comfortably. It is very well made and it seems the quality of materials used is very durable and will last a very long time. There are also a lot of pockets to hold other personal things. I highly recommend this bag to anyone who collects records. You will love it as much as I do!

David Ireland
Best 45 Bag On The Market

I’ve owned a lot of record bags in my life and this is by far the coolest. It’s incredibly well made and there is no better companion for the DJ who uses 7” records. Plenty of room for headphones, cords, vinyl cleaning brushes, etc. If you spin donuts, bag this.

Justin Singleton
Glad I purchased this wallet.

I purchased this wallet as a birthday gift for myself awhile back. I love the size and the card slots. By far the best wallet I have ever purchased.

A Gem

I have had this bag for a couple of years and have used it daily. Fits all the basics, has held up, is comfortable and looks great!

Top of the line

Case, Bloom and the team are top of the line! Customer service is very helpful and professional. Ordering was a breeze. Already owned the black Rich Medina 45 bag and just recently added the camo and olive. All bags are top notch quality with high end materials. Can’t wait for them to drop the new colorway 45 bag. Best bags to carry your 45s in no question!

Awesome Bag

I've carried records awkwardly while traveling via every crappy medium possible. Paper bags, odd sized back-packs or messenger bags, record bags that are inappropriate for work trips that made me look a damn fool, you name it. In July of 2022 I said "no more" and bought the Cosmo Baker North to South.

This bag is awesome, I got a mix of 30 lp's and singles in there easily enough with some room to spare. Your results may vary.

Don't let the lack of a "handle" on top deter you - they're fools gold and this bag is smart enough to know it.

Timely shipped for my next work trip too, great staff high recommend. Thank you T&B crew!

Great Bag!

Hi I just got this bag and I will say I was a bit worried as a smaller person if it would work for me. But after years of cobbling together multiple bags to dj out with after my old rough trade bag died, I think I’ve finally found The Bag! It feels perfect for record shopping trips on public transportation, air travel carryon for longer trips, and most importantly, great for a bag of LP’s and dj items for a night out. Now I think I need one of those 45 bags and I’ll be set.

Charles Coke-Smyth
Not for girls

Breathable, durable, don't believe *any* anti-hype. For my real g's only. Male or female, C

I have lost my négligé

Fingers crossed. C

Great travel companion

The Rhodes bag was the weekend travel bag I've been looking for!
It might look small but it packs in so much and has just the right amount of pockets and separators, where you can always find your stuff with ease.
This has become my go to for air travel carry on and I also take it with me as a day pack for my mural projects. Couldn't be happier with the durability and construction and although I haven't had it for long, I've put it to the test numerous times already. Thanks again!


Selam Samuel
Worth every penny

I have been using this bag for 4 years now and it has been one of the best investments I’ve ever made. It’s so functional and stylish (mine is the camo). Perfect for traveling, whether to a local gig or flying somewhere else. I should just get it custom engraved already! Lol. Worth every penny, so secure this bag when you can!

The best in the game

The b ball leather RM bag is my second RM 45 bag. It's simply the best record bag I've ever owned. Design, construction, materials, hardware, and attention to detail are all 1000. Pure class built to last a lifetime.

Dope Bag

Love this bag, it's high quality, durable, and very functional. It's also very stylish. Much love....

Collin Wilkey

Best Wallet Ive ever had

My Favorite Non Vinyl Purchase.

What can I say that hasn't been said. I'm only bummed I can't get the basketball leather one. LOL

Probably get the matching messenger next.

Don't sleep on these.

Yes. Yes, indeed.


this bag has flown all over the world with me. and I've only needed this bag. fits in overheads, the highest quality.


My boyfriend wanted a Made in USA backpack.
He is a writer and librarian and often carries a whole lot of books.
He was stoked to receive this bag for Christmas and is looking forward to years of use!

Transit Pass
Joseph Whiteley
Transit pass bag

Best bag in the world wide. I give it 2 snaps, all the thumbs up, and I’d marry it if I could! Comfortable, discreet, and you don’t feel like you’re carrying anything.