Breaking The Ice: DJ Platurn
avril 11, 2018

Breaking The Ice: DJ Platurn

Our good friend DJ Platurn has recently released a mix of rare Icelandic psych, funk, soul, and disco that has lovingly been compiled, mixed, and presented in a masterful way. The Icelandic DJ and his cousin spent years collecting and combing through music from the motherland and the resulting piece is the first of it's kind. Something you should defiantly give a listen to. 

More info below:

DJ Platurn Breaking The Ice


Pre-order the digi-book, complete with rare photos via Magnus Thordarson, 16 pages of liner notes via David Ma (Wax Poetics, RBMA, The Guardian), and a free download code (limited to 1000 copies worldwide):

Listen to part 1 of the mix here:



Breaking the Ice Mini-Documentary from platurn on Vimeo.