marzo 02, 2013

Looking For Galt MacDermont

Elusive composer Galt MacDermont has become a bit of a hip hop icon over the years. With an extensive catalogue of cinematic music and a hit musical (Hair) under his belt it seems he's withdrawn from the limelight and praise of his past works and has been avoiding contact with his remaining fans. Although the premise of the film "Lookin 4 Galt" is around the Gas Face film crews search to find him, in truth the story is more about Galt's affect on hip hop record culture. These guys know the music and do a great job finding his influence in some interesting places. From Pete Rock's recollection of making Run DMC's "Down With The King", to a cameo with legendary drummer Bernard Purdy (wearing a Coogie sweater), the film is beautifully shot and does a great job of bringing record culture to life. Spoiler alert, they find him...but this is story time with some of the finest architects in hip hop and sometimes the ending doesn't matter.


LOOKIN4GALT by Gasface

Special off the record shout out to Egon (formerly of Stones Throw Records) and Count Bass D ( for bringing Galt down to Nashville in their second "Ultimate Breaks and Beats" concert and hipping me and a generation of college radio listeners to his music at an early age. May Galt MacDermont legacy continue to flourish spawning more beautiful music and great stories. -The Bag Messenger