Emynd and Kenny Meez Motown Remix Pack

agosto 23, 2011

In the mid 1940s Jamaicans finely tuning their radios could pick up weak signals from American coastline cities like New Orleans, as well as broadcasts from American military bases stationed around the island. These American stations were playing popular American music, and unknowingly created a demand for similar sounds on the island of Jamaica.  

This exposure to early American R&B and bebop unquestionably influenced the skank and horns of early Jamacian ska, and became the backbone for modern Reggae. Many of these early Ska releases we’re interpretations of popular R&B hits, and so it is only natural that some fifty years later we have a proper reversal.

Philadelphia Reggae producer Kenny Meez (Federation Sound System) and producer partner in crime Emynd(Cross Faded Bacon) have taken a slew of Motown hits and made them rocksteady dancefloor ready, complete with mixable intros. Play them everywhere you can…who knows what your influence could spark. 

-The Bag Messenger

Emynd & Kenny Meez – Motown Reggae Pack Part 1 by CrossfadedBacon

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