ottobre 31, 2010

Dilla's Rock Crates Mixed By Bowls


Bowls is no stranger to record stores. When we both lived in the same city, I felt as if I was perpetually in a race against time. Speeding from shop to shop, stretching to snatch at records before he got his hands on them. I would often see him later to compare finds, only to hear that he had already seen the records I bought, silently passing over them, tallying their worth, and moving on to other things. 

That is Bowls in a nut shell, quality over quantity. He isn’t looking to own every good record (where would he put them all?), only the ones that he loves (believe me those are plenty of enough). The same applies to his mixes. Many break mixes are crammed full of short clips and sound bites, they play the samples your familiar with in the way you are familiar. In contrast, these two mixes give the listener space to hear the decisions a producer makes, and room to appreciate the process of selection.

Much like Bowls, Dilla had no desire to use everything. He took his time, selecting finds, and moving on. The selections on both of these mixes are well thought out. Do your self a favor and let these two weed out the dreck, I promise you won’t be disappointed. -THE BAG MESSENGER