ottobre 03, 2010

Marsellus Wallace Shelf Arrangements Mix

Marsellus Wallace has the records to make your head swoon. Shelf Arrangements is fully stocked with dusty treasures. Get this mix or forever live in a world less funky.


This is my 2nd official mixtape. It’s basically a mix of library, rock, and various breaks. It took me about 8 months to polish out. The big issue with this one was that I could not export the d&#n thing!!! Desperate measures had to be taken to actually save the whole project. That is when I called in my good friend and talented artistXact One(he did the art work as well). Without him, this project would still be trapped in my computer. We worked day and night for 2 straight weeks battling this thing. So with that said, I proudly present “Shelf Arrangements”.

Download it directly from soundcloud or stream it below..