Dust + Dignity Kickstarter
gennaio 19, 2016

Dust + Dignity Kickstarter

Philadelphians and lovers of record culture! Our friend Junior of Record Breakin Music is helping to put together an art exhibit exploring the relationship between music, album art, and social justice. The project involves some incredibly talented DJ's/record collectors ( Cosmo Baker, Rich Medina, Skeme Richards, King Britt, and Junior ) and is on KickStarter now. They are offering some great prizes (including a few of our bags). Head on over and support these good people doing good things! 

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Dust + Dignity is an educational experience promoting dialogue + advancing social justice through the exploration of the relationship between music and visual art. In March 2016, we will curate an exhibit featuring an audio tour with over 100 vinyl albums covers -- hand-selected by five of Philadelphia’s most prominent DJ-Vinyl Collectors: Cosmo Baker, King Britt, Rich Medina, Skeme Richards, and DJ Junior.

Today, we are experiencing an outing of the racial ignorance that has long existed in our city, country, and surrounding world. Born out this injustice and in response to the ignorance is art. In art, we find sound. Music keeps us together; it heals and connects -- it motivates and celebrates. Lyrics give life to our souls, the melodies align our hearts, and the rhythms stoke the fire our movements. Often-overlooked is the powerful connection between an album’s music and the accompanying album visual artwork that binds it all together. From Gil Scott Heron's "Moving Target" to Kendrick Lamar’s highly-acclaimed 2015 release, "To Pimp a Butterfly", the evolution of album artwork has transmitted the dynamism of music and social injustices. Curators: Bruce “DJ Junior” Campbell Jr. - recordbreakin.com, Angie Asombrosa-Cuurlzzz.com, Sarah Mueller - cineSPEAK.org, King Britt - kingbritt.com, Cosmo Baker -cosmobaker.com, Rich Medina - richmedina.com, Skeme Richards - hotpeasandbutta.com 


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Facebook: facebook.com/DustNDignity

Venue: paintedbride.org/events/dust-dignity

Risks and challenges

The Dust N Dignity Production Team + Collectors are full of wildly passionate expert artist-educators, movers + shakers, world-class djs, artists, event planners, and long-term residents + lovers of our great city of Philadelphia.

We are all incredibly excited about the opportunity to bring this first-of-its kind exhibit and events series to our city. We know that it will bring together the rich diversity of our communities and showcase the vast treasures of these vinyl connoisseurs.

Thus far, this been a joyful journey and we can't wait to see it come fruition. We've been blessed with great support from local business owners, the Painted Bride, and the record collectors themselves. We know it won't be without challenges but we feel that we got this down. We'll keep you posted with updates all along the way.

In advance, that you for your support! We could not - would not do this without you. Much love, the D+D Team.