ottobre 15, 2013

The Token Jazz Hour Mix by Bowls

The Token Jazz Hour, a heavy dose of spacey Jazz and original samples used by the late great J Dilla and mixed seamlessly together break style LIVE in a way only my boy Bowls could pull off. Consistently one of my favorite DJs to play with, and one of the most knowledgeable record guys I've encountered, Bowls lives looking for records "touched" by Dilla. This is his zone and he is deeply in it during this mix. Enjoy!- Case



Here's another one for the Dilla heads - I've always loved the Jay Dee/Ummah era of his catalog and that was the main inspiration for this mix.  A good portion of this set references his beat tapes and remixes from 1996-2002, in addition to the classic Slum Village/ATCQ/The Pharcyde tracks that put him on the map.  All songs were ripped from 100% original vinyl, and the mix was recorded live with two turntables, an SP-303, Serato Scratch Live, and a mixer with a busted crossfader.  Big shout out to Case Bloom for the artwork, Tucker & Bloom, everybody I've spun with at The Boom Bap, and all the DJs/fans keeping J Dilla's legacy alive.