RUDY NORMAN- BACK TO THE STREETS (Flying Mojito Bros) | Tucker & Bloom Bags
marzo 11, 2021


The story begins with the original track ‘Back To The Streets’ by Rudy Norman, first out on a 7” as the B side to lead track – ‘Harmony’ in 1980 on New Day Records. It has long been a killer cult cut known in collector circles, with the opening solo Rhodes becoming a sample for underground producers far and wide.  It was included on a couple of comps along the way, Late Night Tales Presents After Dark -  Nocturne (2015) curated by Bill Brewster, and on Seafaring Strangers - Private Yacht (2017).   Rudy Norman got in touch with The Flying Mojito Bros out of the blue as he was into their work and he was keen for them to rework the track. 


The Flying Mojito Bros are two disco mescoleros pioneering the great electronic wilderness.  With their boots firmly planted in dusty seventies sunsets, their productions take cosmic country rock and funk to modern day dancefloors via New York Latin Disco and Acid house. Think the first summer of love meeting the second, where Crosby, Stills and Nash meet at the Haçienda, The Doors dance at Shoom, where The Orb meets Woodstock, and you’ll be in the right sonic space.  These acid cowboys are producer and musician Ben Chetwood, and DJ and collector Jack Sellen, their disco-house-gone-country sound turning crowds loose in clubs, desert dances, late-night festival tents at Glastonbury and around the pool at Pikes.

 On this release The Flying Mojito Bros have worked their magic on this cult AOR gem, and in the words of Rudy Norman himself “They’ve brought ‘Back To The Streets’ to the future”.   Mastered for the first time on 12” vinyl alongside official remixes commissioned by the artist, in a package to please lovers of glistening disco reworks and those would love to bag a copy of the original. On the digital package, these new versions will resonate with a world that wants to get back out there and bond meaningfully with others. The artwork is a colourful and cosmic reimagining of the original cover art via illustrator Nick Potts, reflecting the bros’ transportation of Rudy’s West Coast vibe into one of their own Southwestern desertscape settings.

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