Did you ever hear the story about Keo?
luglio 18, 2022

The Keo Project

Did you ever hear the story about Keo? 

Blake "KEO" Lethem, the Brooklyn-bred street legend, is the artist responsible for the creation of MF DOOM's iconic mask, is credited as being the first white rapper in the Beastie Boys Book, and has worked behind the scenes for decades in underground circles designing logos and leaving his mark.

That said, you may have never heard of Keo. Outside of folklore and tags on the street, the name is generally unsung, and less is known about the man. 

"My name is Blake "KEO" Lethem aka MC Lord Scotch, born 1967, raised in Brooklyn. I'm a lifelong New Yorker and I was fortunate enough to be around and experience and participate in some of the very formative years of New York street culture. Not only hip-hop, but punk rock, skateboarding: all of the things that helped shape our culture. I was fortunate enough to survive a time and place that has spawned a million movies and television shows. The Blackout of '77, the Summer of Sam, the Bronx is burning. I had my first gallery show at 15 years old alongside DONDI, FUTURA, Keith Haring, Jean Michel Basquiat at the legendary FUN Gallery on the LES.
I want to finally bring my story to the public: my firsthand experiences growing up in New York City, the 70s and 80s, the crack era, Riker's Island, gentrification, graffiti, crime, all the nitty gritty."


Keo has lived quite a life, a few lives really, and as he moves from his most recent form into that of a grandfather, it is time to document his stories for the future generations. 


The Keo Project is currently bootstrapping on Indiegogo where, as of this writing, you can get a painting, a black book piece, or have a chat with the man over a vegan meal in Brooklyn (schedule permitting). Go support over here.