Our Man in Brazil: Interview with Tee Cardaci | Tucker & Bloom Bags

Our Man in Brazil: Interview with Tee Cardaci

novembre 13, 2020

The music of Brazil is a universe unto itself. There is an insane amount of it. I inherited a love of Bossa Jazz from my father, and the taste has slowly spread to more dancefloor-friendly Brazilian disco and funk. As a US-based record collector, finding a good and affordable source for Brazilian records has been daunting. 

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Sunday Vol 1. | Tucker & Bloom Bags

Sunday Vol 1.

ottobre 29, 2020

These are stressful times. Bring relaxing Sunday vibes on demand with this DJ mix featuring tracks from Lord Echo, Ned Doheny, Julien Dyne , and Djavan. 

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Stretch and Bob Radio now on Apple Music Hits | Tucker & Bloom Bags

Stretch and Bob Radio now on Apple Music Hits

ottobre 22, 2020

Friends of the brand and underground celebrities Stretch Armstrong and Bobbito Garcia have been working together for over 30 years. Their original show "The Stretch Armstrong and Bobbito Show" opened the door to a NYC hip hop culture that was formative for the broader culture of music and kick started some legendary careers. The two team up once again, this time on Apple Music Hits every two weeks to provide a mix show. 


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Soul Supreme Album Release | Tucker & Bloom Bags

Soul Supreme Album Release

ottobre 05, 2020

Amsterdam based jazz musician Soul Supreme has been building towards this for years. With musical roots extending into and throughout hip hop the new record excites with nods to sample based music from MF DOOM and a reinterpretation of French a jazz classic by Cortex. 

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Legacy of Legerdemain | Tucker & Bloom Bags

Legacy of Legerdemain

settembre 12, 2020

Friend of the brand Mike2600 (Burlesque Design) has designed an interesting card deck. More info and links to his Kickstarter after the jump.

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Another Token Jazz Hour | Tucker & Bloom Bags

Another Token Jazz Hour

luglio 24, 2020

It has been 14 years since the passing of producer James Yancey (a.k.a. J Dilla, Jay Dee) and 7 years since volume one of The Token Jazz Hour. This tribute to the great producer's ear for samples stands as art on its own. Volume two "Another Token Jazz Hour" is a continuation of the same pursuit.

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Jimpster | Interview | Tucker & Bloom Bags

Jimpster | Interview

luglio 20, 2020

We sat down with renowned house DJ and founder of Freerange Records, Jimpster to talk about his background, producing, favorite records, and his recent EP release One EP with Wajeed and Casamena. Check it out below!

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Stretch & Bobbito + The M19's Band | Vinyl Pre-order | Tucker & Bloom Bags

Stretch & Bobbito + The M19's Band | Vinyl Pre-order

marzo 16, 2020

Our good friends Stretch Armstrong and Bobbito Garcia have played a key role in weaving the fabric of the hip-hop scene we know and love by introducing the world to legendary artists through their infamous radio show. Now, after three decades of influencing culture, the radio legends and dynamic duo Stretch & Bobbito have released their first ever album, No Requests. Check it out and pre-order the vinyl, cassette, and 45 box set here.

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Danced Til Midnight - Real Love EP | Tucker & Bloom Bags

Danced Til Midnight - Real Love EP

marzo 06, 2020

Danced Til Midnight is the brainchild of DJ, producer and musician Andy Anderson. Since 2015 the band has been releasing modern funk tracks and collaborating with a range of artists established and new, including Tall Black Guy, The Revenge and Egyptian Lover. They return to 2020 with the Real Love EP. The release combines that uncut funk with a pair of deep house groovers in the form of remixes of the title track. Fusing the funk band aesthetic of the original versions with the reworks from two vibrant and innovative house producers makes for a heady mix.

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The Roots of Funk | Tucker & Bloom Bags

The Roots of Funk

marzo 04, 2020

Dive into a little music history as Brer Sunshine sits down with Ramsey Jones.  In this two-part episode we discuss the historical the roots of funk spread throughout the world. These roots reach deep into the slave trade of the west indies as well as the United States through New Orleans. You’ll hear funk music’s travels from New Orleans, Jamaica, Africa, Europe, and throughout the world.or

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Marina Trench - Waterside EP | Tucker & Bloom Bags

Marina Trench - Waterside EP

febbraio 28, 2020

New year, new you, new crew! Another rising star from France, Marina Trench, joins the WOLF Music family, following up an inaugural EP on DJ Deep's highly acclaimed Deeply Rooted with this accomplished and diverse four tracker of house goodness.

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JT Donaldson - Pain 12

JT Donaldson - Pain 12"

febbraio 26, 2020

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