dicembre 16, 2013

Hipster messenger bags popularity continue to rise

Hipster Messenger Bags

Okay, so by now we’ve all noticed that riding a bike in the city has become very “hip”. Whether it be because of the green movement, or because it saves them money, or maybe even just because they want to look cool, hipsters are riding their bikes everywhere. Along with his or her expensive fixed-gear bikes, everyone is also carrying the ubiquitous hipster messenger bag, as well.

They used to be really simple affairs, you’d see them used by the filthy, tattooed and pierced dudes that came into the buildings you worked in. Won by those loonies who rode so perilously close to the many car mirrors they passed on their bikes. The bags would be slung across his or her chest. Sometimes they’d even be seen using two bags, when one bag’s pocket wasn’t enough.

That’s my point, right there, too… Old-school messenger bags were so simple. Made of canvas or sailcloth, with usually only one huge pocket, and a flap closure, lots of times they’d be hand made by another messenger who also sewed, as a hobby.

Today’s riders, and bag users, aren’t all actual messengers. In fact, there are only even a few left in the city, today. These riders are riding to work, and to school, and for fun, so they want something more suited to them, when it comes to their hipster messenger bags.

A company called Tucker & Bloom, located in Nashville, Tennessee, makes great, multi-use custom made bags, for today. Whether the user is an executive, a bike rider, a DJ, or a student, or even a combination of these things, Tucker & Bloom has them covered in that department.

Tucker & Bloom make hipster messenger bags with more pockets than the old style of bags. The extra pocket on the inside can be for a laptop, and can be padded. Organizational panels are added on for pens, mp3 players, and loose change. Then there’s the all-important water bottle pocket, slyly sewn onto the sides of each bag.

Small details on each bag by Tucker & Bloom make them stand out front and center, amongst others. For example, they use high quality metal alloy clips and slides, so that each bag can be adjusted to fit anyone and anything. Straps are removable, convertible, and come in different spots, to be used in different ways.

Best of all, though, Tucker & Bloom offer several different design possibilities and sizes to the consumer. Most of their hipster messenger bags come in different sizes, depending upon the size of the user and the job. Then there are wide bags, more narrow bags, and some that are even square in shape – sized to carry records.

These hipster messenger bags, on offer from Tucker & Bloom, are made in America. Products that are made in the USA are big in hipster circles, today, because it means the products are made well. Tucker & Bloom’s bags are made tough and durable, with quality designed to encourage individuality.


hipster messenger bags

New Customer Review

Is it possible to buy a hipster messenger bag without, you know, looking like a hipster?

Hipsters have absolutely invaded the United States, not only taking over coffee shops, independent bookstores, and all the Pabst Blue Ribbon they can get their hands on, but also taking over the ridiculously simple, amazingly functional, and truly handsome bag – converting all of them to their way of life and “counterculture”.

And while most of us can readily give way to many of the things that hipsters have claimed for their own, the simple messenger tote is one that people simply have a difficult time giving up – if only because it is maybe one of the most perfect examples of form blended with functionality.

A hipster's bag doesn’t have to be ironic to be amazingly useful, handsomely designed, and affordable – it just has to come from Tucker and Bloom.


My experience purchasing a hipster tote

The last thing in the world that I could be confused with – and the last thing in the world that I would want to be confused with – would have to be a hipster.

Sure, I enjoy a well-made fedora. And yes, I’ve been known to sip on a single batch whiskey from time to time – but I don’t look for everything and anything “ironic” in modern life and am actually quite proud of America and how we got to be who we are.

I also absolutely, positively have always been in love with the traditional bag – ever since my days of being a bicycle messenger myself in New York City (the hot bed and “den” of hipster culture).

And though it’s been some years since I wrote a fixed speed bicycle through those concrete canyons in New York City with an important package to deliver to some big shot on the 75th floor, I was definitely in the market for a new custom made piece from Tucker & Bloom.


Proud to purchase quality materials made by real craftsman here in the United States

One of the key criteria that I was looking for was that it would be made by real professionals right here in the good old US of A and it simply wasn’t something that I was willing to compromise on.

Call me a Stone Age dinosaur, call me a rabid nationalist, and call me anything else that you will – but I miss looking at products that have the United States of America stamp right underneath “made in” and knowing that I (in some small part) contributed directly to a local small business somewhere in this great country.

Tucker and Bloom products are made right in Nashville, Tennessee – which isn’t exactly in my neck of the woods, but I appreciate that they spent decades and decades honing their craft, perfecting their skills, and creating fantastic looking bags right here in America.


So many designs to choose from, but only because so many spoke directly to me

The age-old style is one of the more simpler designs you’re ever going to find, but each and every different manufacturer puts their own spin on things – and for good reason. Tucker and Bloom is no different, and they offer a number of different types of stylish accessories for sale, all of them truly handsome, amazingly functional, and ruggedly constructed I’m sure.

I know the one that I ended up with is definitely going to be my “go to” for years and years to come – and I have since recommended a ton of people to the Tucker and Bloom web store. I hope you’ll find what you’ve been looking for – even if you have no interest in being a hipster whatsoever.