november 10, 2014

Seven Steps For Better Listening Part 2 by DJs Sebo Sellout and Flow One

Two of Germanys finest record diggers Sebo Sellout and Flow One have put together a funky 7" break mix! Highly recommended listening for those of you into the more obscure end of the record spectrum. Streaming and free download below. Enjoy! 



7 steps for better listening - "7 steps on top!" by Sebo Sellout & Flowone on Mixcloud


"Ladies and Gentleman,
after more than two years, hundreds of bottles of red wine and kilos of medium rare beef we are proud to present you the second part of our mixtape series “seven steps for better listening” - “seven steps on top”
More than 180 obscure, rare, not so rare, funny, crazy, weird and strange old records from all over the world, mixed with dozens of cuts, skits and sound effects combined in more than 75 minutes of straight multitrack mixing and editing madness. Funk, Soul, Jazz, Psychedelic rock and rare grooves for days! 100% original first press vinyl only (apart from the pointers sisters track in the intro)!
Come with us on a trip to psychedelic wonderland and enjoy the soundtrack to your worst nightmares." - Sebo Sellout and Flow One

Download it here