januari 30, 2013

Todd Terje Inspector Norse Documentary WhatEverest

Norwegian director Kristoffer Borgli recently crafted a 15 min documentary style short film around Todd Terje's disco house tune Inspector Norse.  The film is based on the life of Marius Solem Johansen a.k.a Inspector Norse, an odd ball YouTube character obsessed with dance, dance music, and taking a strange drug he invented in his kitchen. Supposedly Inspector Norse caught Terje's interest on YouTube, inspiring the track bearing his name, and this short film about his life. Complete with a soundtrack provided by Todd Terje and scenes of awkward small town life that are reminiscent of Gummo and Napoleon Dynamite, WhatEverest makes for an interesting watch regardless of whether the film is based on a real person or not.

The original track by Todd Terje Inspector Norse