Another Token Jazz Hour | Tucker & Bloom Bags
juli 24, 2020

Another Token Jazz Hour

It has been 14 years since the passing of producer James Yancey (a.k.a. J Dilla, Jay Dee) and 7 years since volume one of The Token Jazz Hour. This tribute to the great producer's ear for samples stands as art on its own. Volume two "Another Token Jazz Hour" is a continuation of the same pursuit, a jazz DJ mix, and one executed on a very high level. Put it on, and turn it up! - Case



Recorded nearly 7 years after the first volume, Another Token Jazz Hour is my second 60-minute mix of jazz records sampled by Jay Dee AKA J Dilla. All tracks were ripped from 100% original vinyl pressings, except for the 2 songs that were only issued on CD/cassette. As for the music itself, this journey dives a bit deeper than its predecessor. 70+ samples referencing everything from the classics to the largely-unknown. At its core, though, it’s just like the first one - an earnest tribute to his ear and passion for music, his timeless contributions, and his legacy as the greatest beatmaker ever. Enjoy, please share it, and thank you for listening!
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Volume 1 & 2 are now available for download for the very first time here. Physical copies of the mix coming soon.