Leather Hitch Keychain | Tucker & Bloom Bags
november 24, 2020

Leather Hitch Keychain

As a product designer, I spend a lot of time obsessing over what folks might consider mundane. Take keys, for example. The number of times I spent looking for my keys, was locked out of my apartment, or was just disorganized as a result of having improper key discipline, are innumerable. 
To some degree or another, I feel we have all experienced this, so I started to tinker with the idea of trying to solve this problem. The thing is, we basically use the same few keys all the time, and the rest...well, they're in the way.
I sourced solid brass hardware to assemble the first prototype of this keychain and after a few months of testing with semi rigorous errand-running, the Leather Hitch Keychain has my full support. It even works well clipped to basketball shorts! If you want one, we have limited stock for holiday orders available now. 
I hope that it helps you keep track of your keys. - Case