Legacy of Legerdemain | Tucker & Bloom Bags
september 12, 2020

Legacy of Legerdemain

After a year of research, design, reading, and redesign, I’m proud to present my very first original deck of playing cards! Inspired by the craft and history of card conjuring as well as the wild geometry of late ‘70s hip hop party flyers, this deck of cards has truly been a labor of love and I can’t wait to get them out into the world.



The short of it:

• Cards produced by The United States Playing Card Company using their super soft Thin Crushed™ stock

• Tuck cases printed with metallic ink on Snow White linen paper by Saint Paul’s renowned letterpress printers Studio On Fire

• 52 standard cards + 2 matching Jokers + blank face card + double backer card

• 100% original design from top to bottom, front to back

• Mail order fulfilled by my design / print studio Burlesque Of North America


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About me: As one of the owners and creative directors of award-winning Minneapolis-based graphic arts and screenprinting studio Burlesque Of North America, I have designed posters, logos, apparel, identity systems, and more for a wide range of clients including Nike Sportswear, Chromeo, X Games, Stones Throw Records, The National, UFC, Red Bull, Milkjam Creamery, and many more. Inspired by vintage video game and toy packaging, psychedelic concert posters, Japanese food packaging, 1964 - 1980 Olympic Games branding, and everyday design from the 1970s, Mike’s design is bold and bright, championing thick lines and inventive, playful lettering. 


Mike2600 cards

In recent years, Mike began his journey into the world of card magic, first wearing out a handful of entry-level self-working tricks and then developing a foundation of sleights, collecting books, learning classic routines, and studying the works of legendary conjurers. After practicing on nieces, nephews, and friends, Mike took to Twitch to launch Sleight Night, a semi-regular live streamed card magic show featuring interactive tricks and guest performances from Minneapolis magicians Noah Sonie and Christopher Leuck. If life ever gets back to some kind of normal and you run into Mike, by all means stop and ask him to show you a card trick.