Agent 45 | Welcome To Atlanta

10月 14, 2014

Welcome to Atlanta, a mix by Agent 45, is the second in a new series of DJ mixes curated by Tucker & Bloom. Focusing on regional music, each mix will feature a DJ and record collector who specializes in the musical history of their town.


Since 1999, Agent 45 (Brian Poust) has been researching and documenting the rich history of Funk and Soul from the state of Georgia. While its capital city of Atlanta entered the greater consciousness of the world through its burgeoning Hip Hop scene of the late 1980s and beyond, this was built on a solid foundation of R&B music going back to the earliest days of the Top Hat ( renamed The Royal Peacock), Builders Club and Waluhaje Night Clubs of the 1940s. While much of this music has since become widely known to DJs and collectors, Agent 45 has chosen to spotlight the often overlooked sounds of Atlanta Funk and Boogie artists of the 1970s and 80s, just before the capital of the "Dirty South" earned it's Hip Hop stripes. We begin with the sounds of one of Atlanta's most influential R&B stations of the 1980s, WIGO-AM, before jumping off into an hour of sounds from influential studios run by Calvin Arnold and Haywood Tucker, arrangements by legends such as Tommy Stewart. You'll also find a host of Atlanta artists who put out independent records on obscure, fly by night labels that couldn't last beyond their first release yet hiding their own unique treasure waiting to be discovered decades later. 

  • Tommy Stewart - Atlanta Get Down (Abraxas)
  • The Chapparrals - Jam Around the World (Maximillion)
  • Atlanta System - Falcon Fever (King Ro Productions)
  • The Now Gang - Wanna Make You Dance (EGM)
  • Anthony Lockett - Decisions (McTrax, V103)
  • Vickie McKisic - Burnin Hot (HoMark)
  • Maggabrain - New Wavin' (Now)
  • King Juan - We Just Want To Dance (Castle City)
  • Elans - Private Love Affair (Budweiser Showdown, WIGO)
  • Joan Ashe - My Life (Gold Mine)
  • Gripp Band - We Got Something Funky For You (Midtown)
  • Punchy & Early Warning System - Whole Lotta Jammin' (EWS)
  • Roubaix - Ain't Nobody Better (Libracorn)
  • Symbol 8 - I Thought You Wanted To Dance (Midtown)
  • Cosmic Force - Humanoids Get Up (E.F. Records)
  • Andrea Hammond & J.T.'s Connection - Let the Music Turn You On (Golden Magic)
  • Khayree Ramadan and Horace Henry - Atlanta (Big City Records)

Listen below and get a free download here


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