• Leather Rhodes Backpack

    DJ booth, Class, or board room


  • Rich Medina 45 Bag

    Toting Records + looking Good
  • MUTO Record Bag

    Built for 12" records



  • Bag is outstanding, well designed, well crafted, well marketed. Materials are superb. In and out of a jet plane, a record shop, a dj booth or simply living the city, if you need one there's no better bag money can buy. Get yourself one with confidence, Case and the guys at T&B know their stuff.

    Alberto Folpower
    Waxed Canvas North to South

  • I ordered this bag recently and have used it every day. It is perfect for me for any situation. If you like it online you will adore it in person. If you want to talk to them they are just delightful. From now on they are the only company that I will ever buy a bag from. They are a little gem that I believe if more people knew about would just fall in love with them like I have. The workmanship, the materials, the fact it's made in the USA, and their pleasant attitude make them a winner.

    Beth Cameron
    Ranger Market Tote

  • Excellent! Not only does it have a very classy yet cool look, but the bag is very high quality.  Most reviews that I see online tend to be from people who are enamored with their newest purchase. I have had this bag for over a year and it has taken a beating and still has held together. I am a professor so I carry a computer and numerous books every day. I have also have brought it with me traveling when I go record shopping. I have received many complements at work or at cafes.  I plan on buying more T&B bags after buying this bag, but only a day bag and a ballistic bag so that I am not using my leather bag every day in the snow and rain. This bag seems like it will last for a very long time.

    Patrick Ahern
    Bison North to South

  • This is one of the best multi-purpose bags I've ever owned...and I've owned a lot of them (Timbuktu, Chrome, etc. etc.). This has become my go-to bag for all of my personal, professional and DJ needs. I use it when traveling, for work meetings, and to lug around DJ gear pretty much daily. It's just the right size for pretty much all my daily needs, and it looks great to boot. I get compliments on it all the time in both casual and professional settings. It's super well made and travels quite nicely. The only downside to the bag is that it doesn't have a lot of internal organization pockets, but personally I haven't had any issue with that. But, it is something to be aware of if you're looking for lots of internal compartmentalization in a bag. Whether for a weekend get away, business trip, running errands around town, or transporting everything I need for a gig, I highly recommend this bag. It's replaced pretty much every other bag I've owned, and I haven't looked back. Another top-notch product guys!   

    James Norman
    Cosmo Baker North to South

  • Honestly, I did my research on this one for a long time… I've gone through many hard cases, all eventually falling apart and all always being a nuisance to carry to my various gigs. I also needed something that would last. Then I came across this bag. First of all, I've never seen a DJ bag look so good - style is usually an afterthought or not even a thought at all when it comes to DJ cases/bags. This had it - the detail, the colours, the workmanship - plus the additional personalized engraving - dope! And its super easy to carry. I've also been able to comfortably stack in additional 45s on top of the rest of them without threatening cracking any of my 45s. Always nice to be able top pack those little extra gems. The internal cushioning will also keep those precious vinyl 7 inches safe. The additional pockets on the top are a perfect fit for putting in the hard case for my needles (the blue Shure cartridge case), plus any smaller things like flyers, keys, 45 centre pieces, etc. Overall, its got style, its rugged and you can tell this was designed by DJs for DJs. This bag is definitely worth the money. Highly recommended! Much respect to Tucker & Bloom and Rich Medina!

    Graeme Mathieson
    Rich Medina 45 Bag

  • This bag is absolutely gorgeous, comfortable to carry, and incredibly well made. I get numerous compliments but the quality is even more important. I take it for short food shopping trips because it's just the right size and shape. I also carried it on my recent trip to Cuba, which is where I discovered how important the workmanship it. I had a 16 oz almost full bottle of water in the bag. It turned out the top was just loose enough for about 12 oz to leak into my bag. Fortunately, I didn't have much to ruin in it except for a few receipts. When I discovered the leak, I got off our bus (which was sitting and waiting for the rest of our group). I dumped out the water in the street but not a drop ever leaked out of the bag. It was all beautifully contained from a well sewn seam. When I got back to the hotel, I dried the inside with a towel and it's impossible to tell there was ever that much water in it. The outside is still gorgeous, not even the tiniest bit discolored. You can't go wrong with this bag - I love love love it! Thank you Tucker & Bloom!!

    Joan Edelstein
    Bison Columbus Tote

  • I purchased the DJ Cosmo Baker North to South Messenger Bag for my son's birthday.  The recent icy weather caused difficulties in shipping the bag.  Case Bloom contacted me personally and kept me up to date on the interruptions and progress.  The shipping was expediated to make sure it got here in time for my son's birthday.  A personal note was enclosed.  The bag arrived on time and it was EXACTLY what my son wanted.  The workmanship and design are superior and he was thrilled!  Customer service was exceptional!  After several dissappointing consumer situations with different companies, YOU have returned my faith in humanity!  A BIG thank you to the folks at Tucker and Bloom!!! You ROCK!

    Katherine Taylor
    Cosmo Baker North to South

  • The best 45 bag on the market... hands down.  Well constructed with quality materials.  I can easily pack 120+ 45s, a needle case, and headphones in this beauty.  No need to lug around an additional bag!

    Josh Kwedar
    Rich Medina 45 Bag

  • I have never had a backpack with such a large capacity (including extra wide items) that doesn't look bulky. This truly is a streamline and elegant bag. Fashionable And durable. I love it!!

    Lovell Larbie
    Rhodes Backpack

  • Served me well as I moved from Jacksonville, FL to Philly. I was able to carry a nice amount of vinyl, my MacBook Air and a few books while navigating airports. Now I use the bag as I commute back and forth to the office. I would recommend this bag to anyone looking for a nice piece to lug stuff in. It's incredibly roomy.

    The compliments I get on the bag are dope too!   

    Jaysen Williams
    Walden Backpack

  • after 18-year career as a DJ I have used a lot of bags for my vinyl, and almost all have come to a bad end; in the end I did build a couple specifically for my 45, but in these modern times, unfortunately, are too large and heavy to travel by plane as hand luggage. Then one day I watch a video on the site "dust and groove", where it is presented a new bag for the 45: I fell in love instantly just by listening to the sound of the zipper (if only by the sound they produce can understand how solid) and above for the wonderful color of the lining, fits perfectly for my old vinyl Jamaicans. So I decided to contact Tucker and Bloom, they respond instantly, and turn out to be extremely available, and producing fast my bag (I had asked them some speed because I had to go and play in Copenhagen soon). And when at last the courier handed me the bag, opened the package, I still feel the smell of the glue for skin to show the craftsmanship of the product. My 45 could not find a more comfortable accommodation. The bag turns out to be large, convenient to transport, very very strong and also very cool to see (no small feat for the ego of a DJ) and now my vinyls can comfortably travel in the hold with me.

    Marcello Adragna
    Rich Medina 45 Bag

  • Simply said, the London Duffle is the best piece of luggage I own ( and I have a closet full...briggs, tumi, samsonite ). Aside from its rugged cool factor and great looks, which it has in abundance, the hardware is indestructible, the interior space is ample and just as importantly, well proportioned. Another well designed feature is that the straps are long enough to enable you to sling the duffle over your shoulder without needing the shoulder strap.

    Great design, great function, great construction.  I HIGHLY recommend the London duffle.

    Steve S
    Waxed Canvas London Duffle


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