december 20, 2013

Bicycle Bags play a huge roll in the bike messenger community

Bicycle Bags

Bicycle bags are very important to messengers in the city of Philadelphia and, without them, many crucial deliveries would not get made. They are typically well made of strong materials. Some bicycle totes can have different features that help the rider in their different daily tasks. The different colors and styles allow the user to express individuality.

The best are those that are hand-made of heavy ballistics-grade nylon. This material gives them high durability and strength, that helps the totes withstand heavy use and abuse. Many riders like bicycle backpacks that have leather trim and aluminum-alloy clips and buckles. Some kind of water resistance is also important, so that large rolls of drawings and plans do not get wet.

Another important feature of the best is multiple pockets, for holding all the essential items that a rider carries. A well-positioned cell phone pocket on the strap, or on the side, can make all the difference. More pocket space for an iPod, note pad, and headphones, as well as optional padded pockets, for laptops and such, are all very important choices to make when choosing a tote.

Some will look like classic messenger backpacks. Other styles are in different sizes, depending upon what the rider is going to use them for. Small, medium, and large size's even allow for different sized users. Different color choices for the internal and external fabrics offer the rider a chance to make own.

Hipsters love hand-made stuff, these days, and it is important to many of those people for the products that they buy to be made in America. Heavy nylon bicycle totes are in style, and many men carry them to work, to school, and then use them during recreation. Many people bike everywhere.

Tucker & Bloom are a company based in Nashville, TN. They make all sorts of different bags in various styles, including bicycle bags and messenger bags. They make and design all their bags in the USA, from quality materials, with old-European craftsmanship. Tucker & Bloom are a family business that makes high-end bicycle bags with style and great design.  

One of the best things about Tucker & Bloom is that they make multi-use products. They make everything with cell phone pockets and built-in laptop cases. Laptop cases that also carry records. Theirs are totes that also carry laptops and cell phones. All products made by Tucker & Bloom are made from top-quality materials. All materials used must meet their high expectations for quality, durability, and aesthetics.

Lastly, all products should come with some kind of back up plan. What if you spend a bunch of money on it and it rips? Well, Tucker & Bloom have that all covered with a Limited Lifetime Warranty. Tucker & Bloom will replace or repair your tote if it gets damaged or falls apart. That’s a real comfort, knowing that your belongings are safe from defects in materials and workmanship.


bicycle bags