december 20, 2013

What I look for when choosing laptop bags

What I Look For When Choosing Laptop Bags

Deciding upon which to choose, from a group of laptop bags can be quite a challenge, especially if one is picky about certain technical features. Choosing the wrong one will ensure a real pain, in more ways than one, when it is truly time to use it.

For me, there are only a few qualities that I look for when I look at totes. I chose a Tucker & Bloom, for these reasons. They may be few but these things are still very important to me and, if my backpacks are not just exactly perfect, I am very liable not to ever use them again.


It’s very important what material they are made of! Construction and materials are the first things I look at when choosing the right one. Is it made of nylon? Or, maybe leather? Does it include foam, in its construction?

The material they are made of will give an idea of whether they will hold up to repeated use and abuse. Strength and durability are qualities that laptop bags get from how they are made and what they are made from. I prefer mine to be made of heavy ballistic nylon, because I treat all my gadgets as if they are weapons in my arsenal.

Capacity- What Can This Bad Boy Really Handle?

The next quality I think of when choosing the right tote is what can this thing hold? The capacity is immensely important to me! All of my totes and tools must serve more than one purpose. My case should have multiple pockets; one for my computer, one for a cell phone, and one for a notepad and pens, one for change and tickets, passport, etc. It’s the 21st century, folks, get with it.

Access and Ease of Use

This one is so very big- I need to have the ability to grab items from my tote quickly, while I’m on the go. What’s the use in having a cell phone pocket, if the phone isn’t easily reachable?

A lot of this has to do with good design of the laptop bags, in the first place. Placing that cell phone pocket on the strap with a little padding, at just the right location, can make all the difference upon whether the end customer just “likes” or genuinely “loves” their backpacks.

Where and who made them?

I know it may be a little strange, and it goes for tons of other items I purchase, not just laptop bags, but where these items are made- as well as who made and designed them- really makes a huge difference upon whether or not I will purchase them, as well. Does a company, or designer, that I’ve heard of, make the item in America? I want to ensure that the totes that I buy are well constructed, in places that are close to home. Tucker & Bloom makes laptop cases that fit all of these qualifications.


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