DJs Lil Dave and Personify, two DJs I have had the pleasure of spinning records with for years just released a second volume of their Gotcha Covered mix series. I HIGHLY recommend you get it in physical form. All cover versions lovingly mixed by two of the best in the biz. More info below! - Case 


Philadelphia DJs lil'dave (Illvibe Collective) and Personify (Little Big Things) have rejoined forces to bring you Gotcha Covered Volume  2 - another genre bending mix of some of the illest covers you'll ever hear. Picking up where Volume 1 left off, the fellas run through 101 covers in 90 minutes spanning funk, soul, latin, rock, reggae, steel-drum, band, brass-band, jazz, hip-hop, disco, R&B and more. As with Volume 1, no track list is provided so prepare to do your homework. Whether you're into to obscure records or popular tunes, modern music or the classics, Gotcha Covered Volume 2 is guaranteed to keep your head nodding. 

Gotcha Covered Volume 2

You can check out a preview of Gotcha Covered Volume 2 at and The sampler contains 20 minutes from the second half of Side A of the mix. To hear the whole mix, you can head over to Bandcamp to purchase a limited edition cassette. The initial release of the mix is limited to 100 cassettes manufactured by the good fellas at Strictly Cassette, and the tapes are now available for pre-sale at Cassettes are $12 each plus shipping (shipping cost varies by location and quantity ordered) and will be release on or around July 5, 2017, with shipping beginning on the same date. All cassette purchases include an immediate digital download of the mix. Additional Gotcha Covered Volume 2 merchandise to be announced in the coming weeks and will be available for purchase on the Bandcamp site (, so stay tuned!


BandCamp (Limited Edition Mixtape Cassette):


SoundCloud (Digital Mixtape Sampler):

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DJ Dads: DJ Bee

Our next Cool DJ Dad is the one and only DJ BEE of Fresh Radio. Bee is an incredibly technical DJ, and is as much a vet behind the wheels as he is at being a Dad. Who better to ask how this whole DJ/DAD life works? - Case

DJ Bee Fresh Radio

How long have you been a dad? 

I have been a father for over 20 years! LOL! I've never looked at how long I've been a father! 

How many kids do you have? How old are your kids?

I have six kids ages 30-12

What’s a daily father/parenting day look for you? 

A daily day is really waking up and checking on them.  It's 2017 so it's different from the 90's.  My wife and I pretty much have an empty nest where the 12 year old lives with his mother during the school year in Northern VA (better schools allegedly) so it's really by text or phone call.  During the day, just being there for the kids whenever they need anything. In the summer (like now) with Kamaal (12 years old) he hangs with me during the day normally. Going to the radio station, bike riding, library and other activities. 

How long have you been collecting records?

I've been collecting records since 1993 ( 24 years )

Do you play music for your kids?

I don't really play music for the kids, when they were living home they always heard it.  From me making mixes or Fresh Radio being on 24/7.  It's weird how they pick up on things by just having the music on. 

What style music do they like?

They have a more broader listening range than most kids their age because of the exposure we gave them.  They like what's out today but appreciate what laid the foundation.  They understand that most of the music of today is just for today! 

What’s the challenges about being a DJ who is a parent?(travel, late nights, etc..)

The only real challenge is with the youngest now. In my day I was able to stay at home alone at a much younger age.  When the kids we're here, we always had an older sibling watch the rest! Soon Kamaal will be able to stay home but on nights I have to work or travel he stays with a family member or a friend occasionally.

Any advice for new parents?

Just expose them to music of all kinds.  Don't have them boxed in to just one type. Music connects and you will have beautiful conversations with your kids about it.  Enjoy educating.

What does an ideal Father's Day look like to you?

An ideal Father's Day to me is really just relaxing with a thanks from the kids and a thanks from the wife...wait add beer
Check out DJ BEE on Fresh Radio and on his website here
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DJ Dads: Marlowe Baca

Our Father's Day Sale continues, and so does our DJ DAD series. Next up is a friend of some friends. Marlowe Baca is a DJ DAD based in Chicago. He and the Sonorama folks are very serious about latin records, going on trips across South America on buying trips. A tip of the hat to the entire Baca clan and the Sonorama Records crew as well! 


How long have you been a dad?

4.5 years now and it's gone fast!


How many kids do you have? How old are your kids (or child)?

 I have 2 Boys, Elias is 4.5 years old and Gabriel just turned 3

What’s a daily father/parenting day look for you? 

Up at 6am, dress the boys, brush teeth, make breakfast, then either dropping them off at a local Day-care or up North at my in-laws. Pickup and play Hedorah vs Godzilla in the van on the way home. They both love to imagine Hedorah chasing us home and Godzilla coming to save us. Dinner with my wife and bed time soon after since these 2 go to sleep early.

How long have you been collecting records?

I'd say 13 short years now.

How has being a father affected your collecting?

Its been hard. So much new music is pressed on vinyl now not to mention that vintage gem your spying on Ebay or the like. I'm definitely still buying records regularly but our boys come first and their needs have to be met before a splurge or impulse buy. I see myself selling on Discogs to buy more vinyl these days.



Do you play music for your kids?

Yeah we have turntables setup around the house and music is always playing. My wife likes a lot of Classic and Deep House, Dance tracks, or 90's grunge bands and I'm into a lot of vintage international Rock music as well as all types of genres so there's no style we follow. Any thing goes really.

What style music do they like?

They are both young so they like to hear their favorite TV shows over the speakers, Power rangers, Ghostbusters, They really liked the garage/rock tunes used in the Minions movie so they like to hear those songs.  Lately Gabe my youngest has really fallen in love with Michael Jackson's Thriller and he'll pull out the record for me to play that song. He does a zombie walk during the song which is pretty awesome! He's more of the music lover right now. I was preparing a DJ mix recently and he got hooked on a particular song ("Cantare" by Aguaviva) which he requests everyday now.

What’s the challenges about being a DJ who is a parent? ( travel, late nights, etc..)

I DJ because I enjoy playing and experiencing new and old music and not so much as financial or a career choice. Having a good balance all around but putting the family first of course is key for me. No matter where i'm at I make the most of each experience

Any advice for new parents?

Just like with digging (for records) you have to keep an open mind and let yourself take a chance now and then. We are all new to this at the start. 

What does an ideal Father's Day look like to you?

Spending time with my family everyday. Getting that one on one time with my boys. They both have so many ideas and thoughts and hearing them makes it a special day everyday.


Check out Marlowe Baca and the Sonorama Records crew here

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DJ Dads: Froz 1

For our first DJ Dads interview we've got Philadelphia DJ Froz 1 ( aka Josh Kwedar ). Josh is an old friend and one of the most solid guys I know. From sourcing rare regional Philly records (down to 2" reel and acetate), and general record nerdery, to an encyclopedic knowledge of soul records. When it comes to records, few do it on his level...and as a Dad he takes no shorts.

- Case

How long have you been a dad?

4.5 years strong!

 How many kids do you have? How old are your kids (or child)?

I have two beautiful daughters.  They are 4 and 2 years old.

What’s a daily father/parenting day look like for you? 

During the week, I’m lucky if I see the kids for 2 hours after work so I’ll help with getting them fed, talk with them about their day, watch cartoons and then get them ready for bed.  I spend most weekends going on day trips with the family.  We’ll hit a few playgrounds, visit the grandparents, BBQs in the summer, go for a bike ride, etc.  I just try to keep them as busy as possible to avoid any meltdowns.

How long have you been collecting records?

16 years

How has being a father affected your collecting?

I’m doing less “real world” digging for sure.  Early Saturday morning record digs have been replaced with day trips to the zoo, playground visits, swim lessons, bike rides, etc.  I wouldn’t say my collecting has been affected though.  Discogs/eBay is the obvious replacement given my lack of free time to get out there and hit physical spots.  I don’t plan on slowing down anytime soon!

Do you play music for your kid(s)?

Absolutely.  Every day. 

What style of music do they like?

I never really thought about it until now, but I don’t know that they prefer any particular style over another.  I’ve never heard them ask me to turn something off because they didn’t like the music (yet), only if its too loud.  They seem to like all of the genres I’ll play around the house, but if I had to pick one “style”, it would be modern pop music.  The 60s soul harmony tunes just can’t compete with T. Swift! When they were babies they definitely responded the most to Reggae.

What’s the challenges about being a DJ who is a parent?(travel, late nights, etc..)

Aside from the occasional out of town gigs throughout the Northeast, I’m rarely traveling to DJ.  When I do, all of the daily Dad duties get queued up for when I return.  For example, on a regular day, I’ll split bed time duty with my wife.  After a day or two of traveling, I’m pulling double bedtime duty because Mom’s understandably exhausted!  Late nights for local gigs are the killer.  Your kids don’t care if you’ve been out DJing til 3am the night before, they are up at the same time every day.  I’ve purposely shifted my recurring gigs to end a little earlier so I’m not zombie Dad the next day.

Any advice for new parents?

At some point, you’ve probably heard someone say, “being a parent is the hardest thing you’ll ever do, but its also the greatest”.  It is 100% true.  You can go from having the best time with your kids to them having a complete meltdown in seconds.  It’s great and it can suck all at the same time… those feelings aren’t mutually exclusive.   So my advice is to not carry any guilt when the thought “man, this sucks!” crosses your mind because it does at times.  Also, play music in the house at all times (duh).

What does an ideal Father's Day look like to you?

My ideal Father’s Day isn’t much different from a normal Saturday with the family, except maybe the kids sleep in a bit more than they normally do.  Brunch is a must.  

Keep up with @froz1 on social and on his mixcloud account.

 Our Father's Day Sale is in effect! Save 20% on something for your special someone here

 Check out this Froz 1 mix of all Philly soulful Love Songs.

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A week in the Caribbean with the Tucker & Bloom Walden Laptop Backpack

I recently had the opportunity to board a seven day cruise in the Caribbean, traveling through 4 different countries on a photography assignment for a client. Knowing I didn't want to pack too much gear, I took one of Tucker & Bloom's super durable backpacks to be able to travel light and still carry the necessary equipment to get the job done. As a photographer who loves to travel, the Walden Laptop Backpack (in my favorite Camo print) turned out to have all the necessary space I needed for my camera body, 3 lenses, my batteries and memory cards, and even my tripod, as well as enough space to carry all of my personal belongings during my treks through Cayman Islands, Roatan off the coast Hunduras, Belize and Cozumel off the coast of Mexico. Check out some of the photos my buddy Rod Deal and I were able to capture on our adventure through these beautiful tropical landscapes.

Checking out the view from the Cayman Islands

Cayman Islands Exploration

View from the Carnival Splendor Cruise Ship of the waters of Roatan

Private Cabanas in Roatan off the coast of Honduras

What a lovely place. Roatan, Honduras.

Tucker & Bloom X Deyson Rodriguez

Relaxation guaranteed

On my way to the Mayan Ruins

Xunantunich (Stone Woman) Mayan Ruins in Belize

Relaxation in Cozumel, Mexico


Wildin' out in Cozumel

Feel no stress

close up

Beautiful places x lovely people

Deyson Rodriguez is a photographer and creative based in Miami, FL.

For more of his travel and lifestyle images check out his Instagram and photography website.

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Introducing The Sailor Sack

Sailor Sack

In the design process we are always asking questions in an effort to solve problems. Although repetitive the action sometimes leads you to a place you might not have gone. After a few years of road testing the Rich Medina 45 Bag and working on some other record bag related projects we started asking some questions.

What if we could develop and accessory pouch that clipped into place on many of our existing products making access and organization easier for our customers?

What if this was a pouch you could put a book, a tablet, ear buds, and your passport in to used during an international flight? What if that pouch was connected to your existing duffle bag strap until you removed it and headed to your seat on the plane? Almost like an electronics dopp kit for inflight activities ( and ear plugs ) 

What if this same product worked for our record bags, allowing DJs to clip on extra space for headphones, adaptors, and cables? 

We are proud to introduce the Sailor Sack. Designed for utility in the broad sense, the Sailor Sack currently works in conjunction with our Rich Medina 45 Bag line as well as both the London and Tokyo Duffle bags. 



The product is available here! 

Here are the nitty gritty details:

  • Made in the USA from 1680 waterproof backed ballistic nylon
  • An interior wedge shaped main chamber lined in bright taslan nylon with a divider for additional organization. 
  • Three front business card sized slip pockets are enclosed by the front flap by dual mag snaps.
  • A roomy discrete slip pocket on the back is hidden by a leather covered webbing strap. Three mag snaps secure the strap to the main body sealing off the pocket from view and attaching the bag to a secondary product. ( think secret pocket )
  • Two zipper pulls on a run of nylon self healing zipper secure the main chamber.
  • A hand stamped leather patch on the front of the flap.
  • Covered by our Lifetime warranty



Secret Slip pocket obscured by the back handle and secured via mag snap.


Available in Black, Olive Green, and Woodland Camouflage 



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Introducing the Greenwood Bison Leather Tote Bag!

We've been busy bees over at Tucker and Bloom shop in Nashville! The Holidays are right around the corner and we've got a few things in the pipeline for the season. Meet the newest member of our leather tote family, the Greenwood tote.

Greenwood Leather Bison Tote

"The Green Wood Leather Tote bag features a generous main chamber large enough to accommodate a days worth of necessities and deep organizational slip pockets on both the front and back panel of the bag. Made from premium grade locally sourced bison leather, the Greenwood tote features handles that run the length of of the front panel into the bottom seam of the bag, providing extra structural support to ensure a dash to catch the last train doesn't turn into a scramble to pick up your scattered items on the platform. The bags supple leather handles are long enough to fit comfortably under arm but are rolled to fit securely in hand. Just like all Tucker & Bloom products, the Greenwood Leather tote bag includes our lifetime warranty." 

It is now available in our shop. Check it out here

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Bison Leather North To South Featured in Outside Magazine Spring Picks

The good folks at Outside Magazine recently selected our Bison Leather North to South Messenger Bag for their Spring Commuters guide! 


 Bison Leather North to South Messenger bag

"Tucker & Bloom’s flagship North to South Messenger Bag ups the bike bag game in a big way. Instead of some form of nylon, this hauler is made from a supple but tough bison leather that definitely stands out in a crowded San Francisco bike lane. But it’s not just made to show off. Inside it’s big enough for your laptop plus a stack of vinyl and a trusty rain jacket. Thanks to the cycling-specific cross-body shearling strap, it will always stay put while you weave through morning traffic. Inside, Tucker & Bloom cleverly lined the bag with bright orange fabric, which adds a touch of style but also makes it easy to find your keys, even in low light".—Greg Thomas, associate editor

Check out the entire list here. 

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FUNKY GOOD TIME: Atlanta Valentines Dance at Aisle 5

ATLANTA! Saturday February 13th FUNKY GOOD TIME is coming to Aisle 5 for a very special event! Being that it is the night before Valentines Day we figured it was only right that we bring you the best Funk, Soul, Disco, Latin, Boogie, and R&B love songs we've got served pipping hop via the vinyl medium! 

Funky Good Time Atlanta


DJ's Ree De La Vega, Cullen Cole, Bowls, and Case Bloom on the wheels! William Reiss on the drums! LET'S DANCE!


Funky records! Live Drummer! Dancing! AIRHORN!!


( Please confirm your email to be added to the guest list!)


* indicates required


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New Balance – Made in the U.S.A

Check out this heart warming video about the town of Skowhegan, Maine and it's relationship with New Balance shoe company. When you support US made you are providing support for workers directly and the community they live in. That's restaurants, clothing stores, schools, and dance classes. We think that's important and we hope you do to. 

New Balance – “Made in the U.S.A” from DIGITAL KITCHEN on Vimeo.


"New Balance is the only major company to make or assemble more than 4 million pairs of athletic footwear per year in the USA, which represents a limited portion of our US sales. Where the domestic value is at least 70 percent, we label our shoes, “Made in the USA.”"- New Ballance

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