September 27, 2010

DJ Marsellus Wallace Interview

Some people pick up a hobby and barely scratch the surface. Others dive in head first and sink into the murky waters below. This degree of dedication varies depending on the complexity of the culture. When it comes to collecting records, one thing is certain. The pond is deep. If you do decide to jump in, and start really fishing around, eventually you will see DJ Marsellus Wallace in full deep sea snorkel gear, unearthing seldom seen treasures.



THE BAG MESSENGER: When did you first get into collecting records? What did you start out collecting?

MARSELLUS WALLACE: I got into collecting records about 6 years ago, pretty much when I started Djing. I just loved the deep sound that vinyl had to offer. Man, I slept for so long. I started out collecting 1st run pressing hip hop LP’s. That was the juice for me man. That and scratch records. I still collect all of that, but my tastes have changed quite a bit. 

THE BAG MESSENGER: What kinds of things are you looking for these days?

MARSELLUS WALLACE: These days I am into sound library records. Whether its labels such as Peer, Themes, Music De Wolfe, Telemusic, Chappell…I don’t care. I gotta have it all!  I am a huge fan of Italian and French soundtracks as well. Pretty much anything funky with an open drum break makes me happy though. 

THE BAG MESSENGER: How did you discover your love for original sound track recordings?

MARSELLUS WALLACE: When I first heard Dj Shadow’s recordings…WOW! I was mind blown! I was so impressed with how he interpreted himself through rare grooves and filthy drum breaks. It wasn’t until way later that I started understanding his message between the lines. Then…I heard the Dusty Finger compilations. I must say that Danny Dan the Beat Man is 100% solely responsible for my addiction to European funk and 70’s television themes. 

THE BAG MESSENGER: Any interesting digging stories?

MARSELLUS WALLACE: My closest loved ones tried to have an intervention with me about my vinyl addiction. Its serious I suppose  

THE BAG MESSENGER: Favorite finds?

MARSELLUS WALLACE: Manzel – Midnight Theme (Test Pressing). 

THE BAG MESSENGER: How deep in the crates are you?

MARSELLUS WALLACE: I don’t know, the deeper I go I realize that I still have got a lot to go. As spoken by the true master, I am a student of this. It’s quality…not quantity right? At the rate things are going, I’ll be out of the house in no time lol. 

THE BAG MESSENGER: Whats the story with these soundtrack recordings?

MARSELLUS WALLACE: A lot about the history of library recordings is unknown. Composers/musicians used different aliases. Even in the early 70’s there was this sort of “big brother” group that used to enforce the rights of the artists. The artists could care less about the $$$, they just enjoyed doing sessions. Obviously somebody was getting paid off of the so-called “equal rights” of the musicians. So many were forced to use different names and aliases. They would even record secret underground sessions.  How dope is that? Too have such a passion for music and family, that you are willing to break the law for your love of the funk. Other than that, the larger percent were designed for television or movie scores. Instrumentation that interprets a certain feeling or intended theme.

THE BAG MESSENGER: Favorite crates to dig in? 

MARSELLUS WALLACE: I love going to the dirty dirty man. TN has some great spots. In San Diego I mostly go through thrift stores, weekend swap meets, and Access Hip Hop. I also do a lot of business with local and private sellers. Maybe this sounds crazy, but I don’t want to put my local spots on blast. They got enough traffic as it is ha! 

THE BAG MESSENGER: Has Serato changed the way you get down? 

MARSELLUS WALLACE: I don’t use Serato. But it would be nice to have doubles of everything. I think it’s a great tool. But it’s just not on my want list of things for I need for DJ’ing. 

THE BAG MESSENGER: Every DJ has a horror story or two….what is the worst thing to happen at a gig?

MARSELLUS WALLACE: Ha ha!!! One time I was rocking a party in Ocean Beach at a complex on Saratoga. There was a balcony above me with some drunk chick that got the woosey’s and yacked all over me, my decks, mixer, and all up in my crates. She had pasta that night. (editors note. gross) 

THE BAG MESSENGER: What are you working on now? Whats up with this new mix tape?

MARSELLUS WALLACE:  Right now I am putting the finishing touches on a mixtape called “Shelf Arrangements”. It is basically a mix of library, rock, and breaks. I am also working on a project with 2 emcee’s. They are called Kaus and Craze. This will be my 1st album with all production and beats my myself. With the help of many others to come, I am looking forward to the journey.