Lalie Kavulich Interview

Style is something cultivated through years of experience. It comes naturally to some, others end up starring on “What Not to Wear” or fading into a patina of blurry look-a-likes. For Lalie Kavulich standing out is not an issue. When she isn’t crafting formal wear with the Rhinestone Rembrandt  MANUEL, you can find her reconstructing vintage garb for a new clothing line or dancing to James Brown. Sound like the kind of girl you might want to meet? We think so.

-The Bag Messenger 


THE BAG MESSENGER: Who are you and what do you do?

LALIE KAVULICH: My name is Lalie Kavulich and I am the Assistant designer to MANUEL (also known as the Rhinestone Rembrandt & Couturier to the stars),a slightly tortured artist, stylist & also a reconstructor of vintage clothing, jewelry and accessories.

THE BAG MESSENGER: Where did you grow up?

LALIE KAVULICH: I hail from the North East. Scranton, Pennsylvania to be specific .Yes, home of “The American Office”(our one claim to fame) and although I consider myself very northern in both mindset & heart, I have been living in Nashville, TN for the past 10 years now and I have cultivated a deep appreciation for all things Southern in culture. 

Manuel measures Johnny Cash for a suit.


THE BAG MESSENGER: How did you discover your talent?

LALIE KAVULICH: I do not recall a moment in which i did not have an immense passion Fashion, wearable art, costuming, styling and the like….I used to cut up and reincarnate Barbie doll clothes as a child. After high-school It was a toss up between Fashion and Writing. Visual inspiration had always came so effortlessly, I was never afraid there would be a day I would go bankrupt of concepts, plans designs or ideas. 

THE BAG MESSENGER: What are a few current projects you are working on?

LALIE KAVULICH: I am in the process of starting my own green, reconstructed. one of a kind, clothing & accessories line. Nothing will be over $100 but each and every piece will be completely unique. I am mainly focusing on items for females that march to a slightly different and more complex tempo. A world where Alice of Wonderland is best friends with Joan of Arc, Barberella and Aphrodite.  Think- hip vs. glamour, serpentine vs. femme fatale,  I gather a great deal of inspiration from strong feminine historical and literary characters. 

Jack White in a suit designed by Lalie.

THE BAG MESSENGER:  Name a song you never get tired of?

LALIE KAVULICH: “The Payback” by James Brown and “all we ask” by Grizzly Bear 

THE BAG MESSENGER: Favorite drink?



Dia De Los Muertos suit designed by Lalie Kavulich

Dia De Los Muertos suit designed by Lalie

THE BAG MESSENGER: Who has been the most inspirational person or thing in your life?

LALIE KAVULICH: My mother for creating the template for what a strong woman should look likeand my boss MANUEL for teaching me to be unstoppable and that the most reliable thing in life is change. 

THE BAG MESSENGER: Plans for the future?

LALIE KAVULICH: Travel, tall tales, fabrics, photographs, costumes, adventures, statements, characters, recreations -one day at a time.