DJ Dads: DJ Bee
June 14, 2017

DJ Dads: DJ Bee

Our next Cool DJ Dad is the one and only DJ BEE of Fresh Radio. Bee is an incredibly technical DJ, and is as much a vet behind the wheels as he is at being a Dad. Who better to ask how this whole DJ/DAD life works? - Case

How long have you been a dad? 

I have been a father for over 20 years! LOL! I've never looked at how long I've been a father! 

How many kids do you have? How old are your kids?

I have six kids ages 30-12

What’s a daily father/parenting day look for you? 

A daily day is really waking up and checking on them.  It's 2017 so it's different from the 90's.  My wife and I pretty much have an empty nest where the 12 year old lives with his mother during the school year in Northern VA (better schools allegedly) so it's really by text or phone call.  During the day, just being there for the kids whenever they need anything. In the summer (like now) with Kamaal (12 years old) he hangs with me during the day normally. Going to the radio station, bike riding, library and other activities. 

How long have you been collecting records?

I've been collecting records since 1993 ( 24 years )

Do you play music for your kids?

I don't really play music for the kids, when they were living home they always heard it.  From me making mixes or Fresh Radio being on 24/7.  It's weird how they pick up on things by just having the music on. 

What style music do they like?

They have a more broader listening range than most kids their age because of the exposure we gave them.  They like what's out today but appreciate what laid the foundation.  They understand that most of the music of today is just for today! 

What’s the challenges about being a DJ who is a parent?(travel, late nights, etc..)

The only real challenge is with the youngest now. In my day I was able to stay at home alone at a much younger age.  When the kids we're here, we always had an older sibling watch the rest! Soon Kamaal will be able to stay home but on nights I have to work or travel he stays with a family member or a friend occasionally.

Any advice for new parents?

Just expose them to music of all kinds.  Don't have them boxed in to just one type. Music connects and you will have beautiful conversations with your kids about it.  Enjoy educating.

What does an ideal Father's Day look like to you?

An ideal Father's Day to me is really just relaxing with a thanks from the kids and a thanks from the wife...wait add beer
Check out DJ BEE on Fresh Radio and on his website here