December 20, 2013

DJ Bags for the 45 vinyl record enthusiasts - The Rich Medina 45

DJ Bags

If you are a DJ in today’s modern age, you end up carrying a lot more than just records in your DJ bags. It used to be that a square hard-case, or a one-compartment, nylon shoulder bag would suffice. A modern adult needs something that can be used just as easily for daily business, as they can for a gig at the local club.

Tucker & Bloom make messenger and DJ bags, laptop cases that are well designed and seriously tough. They are a family-based organization and have over 30 years in the bag business, so one can be certain that they have perfected the correct combination of style and substance. You can tell by looking at their products that they are not only cool, but they will also last forever.

Philadelphia DJ Rich Medina is a legend in the business. With 20+ years as a DJ and record collector, you never know what you’ll hear him spin; from hip-hop, to afro-beat, to house, to disco, to dance, he has it all.

Being a heavy traveler and jet-setting DJ, Rich knows what qualities are most important in DJ bags. For this reason, he has partnered with Tucker & Bloom to help create something for the DJ who plays 45’s and travels hard.

About the partnership, Rich says, ““After decades of touring with DJ cases that would eventually wear down and be replaced by the newest flavor of the month, this collaborative opportunity with Tucker & Bloom presented me with my first chance to help develop a product that is not only practical for the working class DJ who carries 45 RPM records, but further, almost any other working professional looking for a durable, high quality shoulder DJ bags to add to their tool kit or traveling luggage."

The Rich Medina 45 Bag is fully Made In The USA with a 1680 ballistic nylon exterior, unlike other DJ totes. Its external frame is covered with milled chrome tanned leather ABS with handle webbing detail trim, and it’s large, open main chamber is lined in velveteen flocked nylon fabric, backed with shock absorbing closed cell foam, which really helps to protect up to 150 of your favorite seven-inch records, DJ needles, headphones, etc. The 1.5” deep zippered pocket that can even hold your laptop, and an additional top one for keys and an iPod makes this the real king of DJ case.

Built strong and tough, the Rich Medina 45 Bag has solid cast metal hardware and parallel spring snaps on the handle webbing to keep the straps in place, when they are not in use. Another feature not found on other DJ bags is the detachable and adjustable shoulder strap with ergonomic shear-ling pad lining and leather shoulder pad. It even has a Velcro flap that securely attaches it to a rolling travel bag! With all zippers made of heavy duty #8 self-healing nylon, the bag seems as if it would be indestructible but, also unlike other DJ backpacks, the Rich Medina 45 comes with Tucker & Bloom’s lifetime warranty. There’s really nothing to lose here! The Rich Medina 45 really is the king of seven inch record bags!

DJ Bags - Rich Medina