December 17, 2013

Bicycle messenger bags help deliveries be on time.

Bicycle Messenger Bags

Here in Philly, Tucker & Bloom have really helped with local bike deliveries. They are innovative and fashionable, and very well constructed. They are offered in different styles and colors, because every carrier is different. A few local DJ’s have even signed on to help create their signature bags.

Tucker & Bloom make great bags because of their attention to detail. These are not traits that they got overnight. They are a family business and have over 30 years combined in the bag industry. Their focus is on organizational products that emphasize individuality coupled with clean design. Tucker & Bloom make awesome products for people with a need to look professional, but who want an alternative to the norm. All of their products are domestically made, in small batches, using traditional European craftsman techniques, to ensure quality from start to finish.

One reason Tucker & Bloom’s bicycle messenger bags have been so popular in Philly is because of their tough construction. These things are SO well made! The Simple courier bag is made from 100% Duck Cotton Canvas, with a waterproof lining, which ensures that contents are protected and dry. Other styles are made of tough ballistic nylon, with a textured weave, and have a lining of soft Taslan nylon. All of the bags from Tucker & Bloom also feature polished metal alloy buckles and clips.

Since every bike rider is different, Tucker & Bloom offer bicycle courier bags in several different sizes, shapes, and colors. Their North To South Messenger Bag is square, in shape, which makes it the perfect size for carrying vinyl records. The East To West bag has a more rectangular shape, sort of like an upside down trapezoidal shape, that makes it perfect for those who want a traditional shape to their bicycle bags, but need more storage pockets. Then there is the Simple Canvas Bag, which is wide with one huge pocket, just like old school style.

The one thing that all new bicycle bags have in common is that Tucker & Bloom offer each in different colors. They even allow their customers the choice of what color lining they would like, to give it the ultimate personal touch.

As previously mentioned, Tucker & Bloom has been working alongside a few local DJ’s to make their own signature bags. For example, jet-setting DJ Cosmo Baker helped them to design the Cosmo Baker North To South Messenger Bag, which is an updated version of the regular North To South. The attention to detail in this product makes it a great choice for DJ’s, or for folks who just want to carry a lot of stuff.


Tucker & Bloom have helped to change the organizational fashion landscape, here in Philadelphia. They have done this by simply offering colorful, roomy, and well-made bicycle products. Whether used by actual messengers, commuters, or by world-famous, jet-setting DJ’s, Tucker & Bloom’s bags look great & will hold up to whatever is thrown at them.


Bicycle Messenger Bags

New Customer Reviews

How I found the best of the best bicycle messenger bag – and how you can, too

As a bicycle courier myself, my bicycle totes Re: key part of my business, my career, my livelihood – and I need to be able to count on that these bags day in and day out no matter what.

Unfortunately, there has been a pretty sad trend in the courier bag world over the last few years, a trend that has moved towards cheap construction materials, really terrible craftsmanship, and a focus on reducing seemingly unlimited amounts of awful bicycle messenger bags that just can’t live up to expectations.

I should know – I went through literally 10 or 15 absolutely awful brands in the last five years alone, and I know a lot of other bicycle couriers that have had similar experiences.

However, I was turned onto the Tucker and Bloom bicycle messenger bags by a messenger that I really respected – a courier that has used one single tote for the last three years and it still looks absolutely brand-new.

I was absolutely blown away by their customer reviews

Digging a little bit deeper, I tried to do just as much research as humanly possible about all of the different courier totes available out there on the market right now, and kept running into the same comments.

“Tucker and Bloom are the best!”

“I don’t think that I’ll buy another bag that isn’t made by Tucker and Bloom ever again!”

“ I was thinking about getting out of the bicycle courier business for good, but then I bought a Tucker and Bloom  – I’m hooked back in until this bag gives out (which shouldn’t be until another 20 years or more down the road)”

Obviously, this kind of attention you just can’t ignore – so I ordered up my own bicycle messenger bag.

Boy am I glad that I did.


There’s nothing else on the market close to this kind of quality

Yes, there are definitely cheaper ones available on the market right now – and there also a ton of more expensive available as well.

Yes, there are other brands that have dedicated followings and fanatics. Yes, some people swear by the same messenger bag that they’ve been using for 20 years or longer.

But I have to tell you that after going through tons and tons of totes in the past, nothing – NOTHING – can come close to the quality that Tucker and Bloom bags bring to the table.

We’re talking about amazing construction materials used throughout each and every one of the totes that I purchased (ranging from highly durable duck cotton canvas – the same kind of material used on Carhart pants – to waterproof nylon solutions and everything in between), and amazing attention to detail that you just don’t find anymore.

Before I pulled the trigger on my purchase, I did a bit of looking into the history and biography of this specific compass and was impressed to find that they make each and every one of their bags in the same style that European craftsman have been making bags for centuries – and that they only released their bags in small batches so that they can craft the perfect solution for your needs.

Obviously, I’m starting to sound a little bit like a fan boy here – but really, you will be blown away by the attention to detail and elite level craftsmanship that is spent on every single one of these bags. If you’re a professional bicycle messenger – or just are looking for the very best bag on the market today – don’t ignore the bicycle totes that Tucker and Bloom bring to the table.