december 15, 2013

Cool backpacks for men - A Tucker & Bloom vision.

Cool Backpacks for Men

It certainly is hard to find cool backpacks for men. I mean they are a dime a dozen, but they’re rarely actually “cool” looking. A lot of them are made with children in mind, so they look overstated, are cheaply made, and just not “cool” looking.

Now Enter Tucker & Bloom!

Based out of Nashville, Tennessee, with over 30 years in the bag business, Tucker & Bloom make some of the nicest cool backpacks for men that I have ever seen.


All of their products are designed with today’s professional in mind, and Tucker & Bloom realize that just because you commute to work, that doesn’t mean you want to look like a fifth grader while doing it. They make cool bags for men that are as tough as they are cool.

Dig That Construction!

Tucker & Bloom Bags have large, zippered main chambers with strong taslan nylon backings, while the external shells are made of heavy 1680 denier waterproof ballistic nylon. No matter what you put them through, these cool custom made bags for men are going to stay put together.

The front pockets feature U-zip designs that have an easy-access organizer panel for iPod, phone, sunglasses, etc. Additionally, adjustable straps, ending in quick-release buckles, make it simple to swing the bag, in order to access the main chamber.

There’s nothing worse than zippers that wear out, so Tucker & Bloom uses heavy, “self-healing” #9 nylon coil zippers that have lockable pulls. This ensures that whatever you put into your cool totes for men will stay put, and you won’t have to worry about cheap zippers anymore.

And How Fashionable, Too!

Tucker & Bloom make several different cool style for the fellas, so that it doesn’t matter what your personal style may be, you’ll be able to buy a bag that fits your character.

On top of different styles, Tucker & Bloom offer each bag in different colors, with some even being available in other fabrics, too. The bag you pick will be one-of-a-kind, and made just to your specifications.

Also available are laptop sleeves, if you choose. Padded well to protect your investment, the laptop sleeve will help to ensure your data is safe and sound, and protected from drops, as well as from your other stuff.


Depending upon how you move through your day, Tucker & Bloom’s bags allow you to maneuver in cramped quarters with different straps. The super-strong shoulder straps are made of heavy-duty nylon webbing, with comfy felt backing, while a low profile handle is attached to them for use in tight quarters.

Simply the Best Around!

Tucker & Bloom make cool custom made cases for men that are both exceptionally durable, as well as waterproof, ensuring that whatever you carry will be protected from the elements. Their bags are functional, yet fashionable, and can easily make the jump from office to classroom to on the town with stylish ease. They are simply the best around!


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My battle to find cool styles for guys

Even though most people won’t admit it, it’s almost impossible to find cool backpacks for guys available on the market today.

Some of them have been designed for guys and made to look like they just stepped off the battlefield – built with military style construction materials, over engineered to ridiculous tolerances, and would look foolish when stacked up with any outfit that isn’t completely camouflaged.

Many others that have been designed for men on the market right now take a different approach completely. They offer you this super luxurious, ridiculously silky smooth, and almost feminized masculine bag (if that makes sense at all), basically an overblown purse that is supposed to be designed for men simply because it’s “bigger”.

At the other end of the spectrum, you have some designers that feel as though guys can use backpacks that are basically larger versions of the totes that they used as children – sporty looking bags that make men look like an oversized kid stuck in some sort of weird Hollywood comedy.

But not the folks at Tucker and Bloom. When I was searching for cool backpacks and this was a brand that continue to come up in conversation – both the real conversations that I had with people who had already bought fantastic ones as well as many of the conversations that I “eavesdropped” on that were happening online.

These were actually built from the ground up to look fantastic but also serve a real purpose – perfectly blending form and function in ways that I didn’t think anyone was still paying attention to.


The perfect backpacks for men

Basically relying on 30+ years of business, it is Nashville, Tennessee based business has been pumping out small batch hand crafted American custom made products for years and years now – though they are just now starting to gain the kind of recognition and acclaim they deserve.

There’s just no other way to put it than that these are very cool backpacks for every man, especially guys that want to retain their masculinity while cruising around town with one strapped to their backs. You’re going to find elite level construction materials – some would even say luxurious construction materials – designed to be ruggedly masculine without being cartoony, the kinds of bags that most people strive to make but never really hit that perfect note.

At the same time, these bags have been designed to be ridiculously functional. With messenger bags and even just traditional styles are available – and so much more – functionality is always critical in each and every one of their designs.

I know, because now I own three or four different Tucker and Bloom bags – and am considering ordering three or four more to boost my collection. These are just that good, and I have since recommended them to each and every one of my friends and family members looking to invest in a new back.


Construction that is off the charts, design that is amazingly attractive, and a price you just can’t beat

The reason that I think these are the very best of the best when it comes to cool accessories for men is simply because they blend all of the key criteria you’re looking for in a bag so seamlessly.

The attention to detail that has been spent on every aspect of construction is off the charts, but something that you would anticipate from a small batch shop that does much of their work by hand. Design is never to “freely” or fancy, but is instead a very rugged, very masculine, and very durable. Top that all off with very reasonable prices, and it should come as no surprise to you why so many people consider these to be the very best on the planet.