december 17, 2013

Tucker & Bloom Laptop Backpacks

Laptop Backpacks

When choosing between laptop backpacks, several important considerations should be made. Personally, I am very picky about certain technical features, and won’t buy one if it does not meet my criteria.

I have found, through trial and error, that Tucker & Bloom make sure that are are tough, hold all the items that I want to carry, in every situation, and are made in the USA. These features will make or break a bag for me; as in, if the bag doesn’t perform, I’m just not going to use it. End of story.


Construction Quality and Durability

Construction and materials are very important to me when choosing between laptop backpacks. I like Tucker and Bloom’s because they use only the best materials, such as heavy duck canvases, top-grain leathers, and ballistic-grade nylons, to put together designs that are made by people who have been in the business for over 30 years.

The material that they are made of will give you an idea of how they will hold up to regular usage. Strength and durability are qualities that are directly influenced by how they are made, and what they are made from. Myself, I prefer heavy ballistic nylon, because it’s nearly indestructible and holds up well to all weather.


Ease Of Use

This next quality is one that is so very important to me, because I am often on the go. I want to be able to grab my belongings quickly from the bag, while it is on my back. There’s no use in having an iPod pocket, if that iPod isn’t reachable.

There’s no worry about these things when the bag is well designed, in the first place. Putting that iPod pocket on the strap, with a little padding to protect it, at the right location, can make a lot of difference upon if the customer “likes” or genuinely “loves” their stuff.

Tucker & Bloom makes all of their bags with many pockets & plenty of space to keep your stuff.



A hugely important quality I look for is capacity; how much can this one really hold? It is imperative to me that all of my tools serve more than just one purpose. This even applies to my bags.

My computer bag should have multiple pockets, because I carry a lot of stuff. I need a pocket for my computer, one for my cell phone, and another for a notebook & pens, and still another for tickets, change, and passport, etc.

This is another aspect that Tucker & Bloom are on top of. All of their products are huge, with large capacity.

Where Was the Bag Made?

Lastly, I care a lot about where & how my bag was made. This goes for all my belongings, really, because I prefer things to be made in America, by American people.

Tucker & Bloom are based out of Nashville, Tennessee, and have over 30 years experience in the bag industry. Their designs are functional, yet are very stylish, and all are made right here, in the good old USA.




New Customer Reviews

Specific things I looked for before buying my laptop backpack

I’d never purchased a laptop backpack before, and wasn’t really sure of what kind of backpack I needed in the first place. I knew I wanted to be able to comfortably carry my MacBook Pro (15 inch version) with no real headache or hassle whatsoever, but I also knew that I wasn’t going to be toting my laptop around all the time so I needed one that was functional as well.


Well, I must have looked at between 30 or 40 different options out there on the market today – ranging from do cheap and flimsy made to ridiculously expensive (we’re talking like three or four rent payment expensive here) and overbuilt – all before I landed upon the Tucker and Bloom's website.


Instantly I knew that this was a company that I could get behind, just because every single one that they had for sale looked picture perfect for my needs. I contacted their customer service department, and they helped walk me through the different things that made their backpacks really stand out from the rest of the crowd – and I just kind of “filled in the blanks”.


I needed one that would fit a 15 inch laptop with no headache whatsoever

The last thing I needed to deal with was a computer case that wouldn’t fit my laptop, an issue that I know a lot of my friends who had searched for others and really struggled with on a regular basis. Sure, they said, all different kinds of backpack manufacturers will tell you that your notebook will fit in this specific bag – but very often you find it’s too small to fit and your computer is bursting out the seems or you find its way too big and leaves your notebook flopping around in your backpack loosely.


Both of those things would be completely and totally unacceptable, but I learned shortly after that it would be something I didn’t have to worry about since I bought a Tucker and Bloom.


You see, the one that I ended up going with was specifically designed for 15 inch laptops and fit my MacBook Pro perfectly – so much so that you’d almost think it was the specific laptop that they built the bag off of in the first place. Everything is snug and tight, but not too tight, and gives me the kind of confidence I need knowing that my computer will be protected no matter what.


I also knew I needed real versatility for when I wasn’t carrying around my macbook

Understanding that I probably only carry my computer around with me 50% of the time – but I almost always need a backpack on a daily basis – I was looking for a back pack and bag that would be as flexible as my needs were.


Again, the Tucker and Bloom really stepped up to the table. Most of them were built with all different kinds of additional functionality, pockets, and extra compartments that I could use with a little headache or hassle whatsoever. The bag that I did end up going with is almost overloaded with these kinds of features, but not that I’m complaining.