december 17, 2013

The importance of a waterproof messenger bag

Waterproof Messenger Bag

When choosing a waterproof bag, of course it is important to pick one that has enough space for all one needs to carry. For my money, though, choosing a bag for how it protects one’s belongings is of even higher importance. The bag should be practically indestructible; made from materials that will hold up to whatever use (and abuse) the user will put it through.

Also, what if it rains? All of that hearty material is useless at protecting your possessions if it just soaks thru with water. For this reason, it is also of high importance to choose one that is waterproof.

Tucker & Bloom, a small company based out of Nashville, Tennessee, makes high-end organizational products with forward-thinking designs, but using old European craftsman techniques. Their aim is to organize people with a need to look professional, while providing an alternative to the norm. With thirty years combined in the bag business, they know how to make bags right, and they make them well. All of their products are produced domestically, from materials that meet their high expectations for quality, durability, and aesthetics.

Every waterproof product made by Tucker & Bloom is made in small batches. They start with an outer material that is very strong and durable. They use leathers that are byproducts of the food industry. Leather can provide a whole range of design elements, from highly finished to more organic in appearance, and has a timeless look and a natural durability. Another outer material that is used frequently is ballistic nylon, which features a basket weave. This weave makes it very tough and allows it to withstand impacts and punctures. Lastly, the customer can choose between several colors of 100% cotton duck canvas. Cotton canvas is soft and ages gracefully, but is also very durable.

The thing that I like most about Tucker & Bloom’s waterproof messenger bags is that they are all made with water proof material. This is what makes their bags differ from other brands. Other brands will make you rely on just the outer layer for water protection. While the outer layer may be water resistant, it is not water proof. Tucker & Bloom goes a step farther than all of those other companies by adding a layer of Taslan nylon, which is truly waterproof, to the inside of the bag. So, even if the rain does pour, this inner lining will prevent your valuables- all of your possessions even- very dry!

Tucker & Bloom has truly broken the mold with their products. Offering clients a choice between colors, sizes, and fabrics allows for individuality yet ensures that they can make a choice to protect their belongings. Making a real waterproof product is a great feat. Even if water does soak through the outer layer, the added Taslan layer will keep it off important papers and gadgets. When someone needs to get items of importance from one place to another, a waterproof tote is what they need on their back to carry them.


Waterproof Messenger Bag

New Customer Review

How I found out my old bag wasn’t waterproof – and how I know that my new one definitely is

As a professional bicycle courier, the bag that I use on a day to day basis is far more than some sort of fashion statement.


Not only does it have to look good to present a professional image to the clients and customers I deliver goods to on a routine basis, but it also has to be amazingly functional as well. This is not the kind of business that you can count on style points to win you extra business – you need to be able to deliver products, parcels, and paperwork quickly and efficiently – and most of all in the same kind of condition it was sent in.


Not all waterproof bags are waterproof – ask me how I know

I’ve also gone through 10 or 15 types in the past – all of them promising to be 100% waterproof, and only a fraction of them actually living up to that promise. My last bag allowed in so much water in a single rainstorm that I ended up sinking it right into the Hudson River, never to be seen or heard from again.


They say that’s where the mob used to dispose of their “messy business”, and I hope that – if it’s true – my bag sleeps with the fishes.


Regardless, after discovering that dozens and dozens of parcels in my care were soaked right through – some of them beginning to peel open because of the moisture – I knew that I needed to find a brand-new bag that actually was 100% waterproof. A bag I could rely on in any weather condition, a bag that I could trust to help me better perform my daily duties.


That’s when I discovered the Tucker & Bloom


A friend and mentor turns me on to Tucker and Bloom

I had been sharing this recent experience with a friend and mentor that really got me established in the bicycle delivery  business, and he was telling the how he had had a number of those same kinds of problems in the past. They also told me how he had remedied the situation completely – and also helped 10 or 12 other couriers illuminate the problem forever – just by switching to Tucker and Bloom bags.


I had never heard of the brand before, but was eager to take my friend up on this recommendation – and begin to check out the different waterproof messenger bags this company offered.


So many to choose from – but so many of them offering exactly what I was looking for

The first thing that I noticed about the Tucker and Bloom website was that they had so many different options I could choose from. Obviously, this got me excited right off the bat, but once I discovered just how amazingly attractive and well-built each and every one of these bags were things get even better from there.


I knew I was sucked right into these kinds of bags forever – and that I would really struggle not coming away with one of their handcrafted bags mad in America . I ended up going with the North and South limited edition and I am proud to tell you that it hasn’t let me down at any point regardless of the weather that I’ve pushed it through.


This one’s never going to end up in the Hudson – but probably up on my mantle somewhere in 30 or 40 years so that I can reminisce fondly to my grandchildren about how well this bag performed.