december 18, 2013

Messenger bags for men give great style and functionality.

Messenger Bags For Men

So, I’ve been looking all over for messenger bags for men. I’ve checked out all the usual places; the outdoor stores, sporting goods stores, and specialist stores, both online and offline. Sure, there are some decent totes out there, but most are imported. I wanted to find some for men that are Made in the USA and, most importantly, made well.

When I plugged my search criteria for into the search engine, a few different places came up. After looking at a few different places, I came across a company called Tucker & Bloom, based out of Nashville, Tennessee.

Apparently, I found out, Tucker & Bloom is a family business that has more than 30 years in the bag business. They make all of their products in the good ol’ US-of-A, and they focus on quality, well-built organizational products, with a flare for style and sophistication and, best of all, made for WORK. All of Tucker & Blooms designs are made for people with a need to look professional, but provide an alternative to the norm. Each of their product line is made in small batches with an eye towards traditional European-style craftsmanship.

Tucker & Bloom offer several different styles and sizes of courier totes for men on their website. Different size folks, with different size uses, call for different size totes. Accordingly, each of the available totes for men are also available in a wide array of colors and fabrics so, no matter what a person’s style may be, Tucker & Bloom have the best selection for men.

The Simple courier tote has one main compartment and is for the purist who wants a stylish yet indestructible workbag. It is Tucker & Bloom’s fresh twist on the look of classic courier backpack for men; suitable for the daily grind, yet ready for the weekend, too.

Then there’s the East To West line, which is based on the classic bike courier shape, but has a few more pockets and details that make it better for business. Its removable cross-strap makes it a great choice amongst couriers who want to ride when they want to.

Among my very favorite of Tucker & Bloom’s messenger bags for men is their North To South. It’s truly designed for the person on the go, with room to haul anything from a stack of vinyl & a laptop, to books and headphones, plus more. Whether you’re a DJ, a business professional, a student, or any combination of these, this bag is a real looker.

For my money, though, The Cosmo Baker version of the North To South is the way to go! It’s a bigger version of the original, that has adjustable pull-straps on the side that help keep you looking stylish no matter how much you’re carrying. Big enough for a DJ gig, and a change of clothes, plus more!


New Customer Review

Things I looked for when deciding between the different totes for men available

Before I dive headfirst into my own personal experience searching for the very best bag for men available, I want to make something completely and totally clear.


I’m probably not your average everyday courier bag user. Unlike most of the hipsters out there that seem to want to use this bag ironically (whatever that means) and the metrosexual men that want to use a tote as a beefed-up “man purse”, I actually use them for the reason it was created in the first place – I’m a bicycle courier in the city.


As such, my specific selection criteria (the things I look for when deciding between the different messenger bags for men available) may or may not be the same kind of criteria you’ll want to use moving forward. At the same time, they might help you out more than other selection criteria would – simply because I need my bag to be perfect, and you may not.

Let’s dive right in!


I needed one that was roomy but not bulky

Believe it or not, there is a very fine line between messenger totes for men that have been crafted to offer amazing storage capacity and those that have been crafted to be as large as humanly possible – and the difference isn’t even a media apparent on the surface.


However, anyone that has strapped a bag to their chest and rode a bicycle through the busy streets of this city would know that there is a very real difference between the two – and you always want to look for a bag that offers the right amount of space without being overloaded or two bulky.


Different totes here fit the profile as far as size was concerned, though you’ll definitely want to read more reviews to see how “functional” all that space is. I go through probably two or three backpacks a decade (and always have a couple of backups on hand), and I can tell you that manufacturers are getting better at releasing courier bags built for functionality – and not just style.


Construction material and attention to detail is critical

The other thing that you’re really going to want to pay attention to is whether or not real attention to detail has been spent on the construction of a messenger bag – and what type of construction materials the manufacturer decided to use in the creation of their messenger totes for men.


Different brands have been playing around with different materials, but I can tell you from experience that canvas, leather, and a handful of other materials are definitely the best of the best – and that you should shy away from anything that feels or appears to be cheaply manufactured.


You just can’t afford to have your tote rip open and “spill its guts” in the middle of daily use, and that’s almost always something that ends up happening when you decide to move forward with cheaper totes that skimp on the attention to detail and construction materials used.


Last but not least, find them for men that actually look good

Though I could go on and on about how important it is to choose a tote for functionality over form, the reality of the situation is manufacturers and bag producers have gotten better and better at releasing fantastic functioning totes that look great as well.


You’ll almost always be able to find a bag that fits your style and personality right down to the T, and should be able to avoid any major issues in this department with just a bit of research.