december 19, 2013

Laptop cases that last forever.

Laptop Cases

Tucker & Bloom makes totes and laptop cases that are well designed and seriously tough. They are a family-based organization and have over 30 years in the bag business, so one can be certain that they have perfected the correct combination of style and substance. You can tell by looking at their bags that they are not only cool, but they will also last forever.

All products made by Tucker & Bloom are made from top-quality materials. All materials used must meet their high expectations for quality, durability, and aesthetics.

The leather that they use for their products is always a by-product of the food industry. It can vary in finishes; from highly finished to rougher, and more organic looking.

Tucker & Bloom also use different types of nylons in the construction of their stuff. Outer surfaces are generally made from 1680 Denier ballistic waterproof nylon. It has a basket weave, with a distinctive textured appearance, and a toughness that is unmatched. Inner surfaces are sometimes done in Taslan nylon, which is soft and strong.

Some cases are constructed of 100% cotton canvas. This is a great material that wears well, “ages gracefully” as they say, and is selected for its durability and variety of colors.

Whether a person likes backpacks, or messenger style totes, shoulder totes, handbags, laptop cases, or even combinations of these styles, Tucker & Bloom has the right organizational tool.

One of the coolest things about Tucker & Bloom is that they make multi-use products. They make them with cell phone pockets and built-in laptop section. Laptop cases that also carry records. Record totes that also carry laptops and cell phones. The combinations are endless.

If you are a modern human, then you need a case or something to travel with your computer from Tucker & Bloom. We all multitask, these days, and need something that can organize it all. Lots of folks take a computer case to work. Wouldn’t it be great if that computer tote could also hold the stuff we need to hit the gym, after work? What about the books and newspapers that we like to read on the train? There should be space for all of that, too, in our backpacks and netbook cases.

There is a big movement, these days, to buy local, and to buy American. All the stuff made by Tucker & Bloom is Made In The USA. They are based out of Nashville, Tennessee, and their products are constructed in America.

Lastly, all backpacks of any kind should come with some sort of back up plan. What if you spend a bunch of money on it and it rips? Well, Tucker & Bloom have that all covered with a Limited Lifetime Warranty. Tucker & Bloom will replace or repair your case or computer carrier if it gets damaged or falls apart. That’s a real comfort, knowing that your belongings are safe from defects in materials and workmanship.


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