december 19, 2013

Messenger bag review. Tucker & Bloom north to south.

Like any man-on-the-go these days, I’m finding myself with increasing amounts of- well- stuff that I need to transport with me whenever I leave the house. Gone are the days when all I needed was my repeated mantra of, “Keys, wallet, phone… Keys, wallet, phone.” which was always said while patting myself down, like some sort of self-policing action. No, these days, with so many gadgets and so much gear, I need a backpack to carry it all.

As an adult student, for many years I had been carrying a backpack to school, loaded with books during the day. Then, if I were going to be DJ’ing somewhere at night, or staying out overnight, I’d use a big, bulky, old school nylon record bag to carry records, laptop, a change of clothes, perhaps, etc. Then, there was another tote, a courier bag, which I’d use for my day job that I ride a bike to…

The problem I had was that I was using a different bag, for different situations, ON TOP of my daily-use backpack. I needed one that looks classy, one that has multiple pockets and compartments; a tote that is as tough as it is functional. I wanted it to be constructed well and made in America, and I also didn’t want to ever have to buy another messenger bag, or have to switch bags.

Enter the Tucker & Bloom North To South.

I must admit, even though I’m pretty hip on quality, American-made companies, I had never heard of Tucker & Bloom. They’re a family-run company, based out of Nashville, who has over 30 years in the bag business, and they design and make mostly high-end, messenger bags. Lately, Tucker & Bloom have been working closely with a few different jet-setting DJ’s, designing record and messenger bags that cater to the modern, fashion- and function-conscious person, who does more than just DJ.

This is how I discovered the North To South, by Tucker & Bloom. I was searching the ‘net for DJ-friendly totes when I found Tucker & Bloom’s site, and lo and behold there are two familiar DJ’s on the front page: Philly’s own Big Rich Medina & Brooklyn’s Cosmo Baker. Both are holding awesomely stylish messenger bags, too!

Some Useful Features of the North To South Messenger Bag.

  • It’s big! Dimensions are 12.5” Long X 13.5” High X 4.5” Deep.
  • It’s Made in the USA by expert craftspeople who really know their products!
  • It’s tough! Shell material is 1680 back ballistic nylon, with 4-ply Taslan Nylon as shell material. Polished aluminum buckles, leather trim, and double-ring sliders make it almost indestructible.
  • Tons of pockets! Many more than most. Padded side pocket for cell phone, front pockets, back slip-pocket for books or newspapers, huge inner pocket for laptop & records!  
  • Removable shoulder strap, optional shearling strap, and optional cross-strap for biking, make this convertible for all needs!


I love that this is designed with today’s on the go person in mind. It has plenty of room enough for a big stack of vinyl, a laptop and books, along with all the rest of my stuff. It’s a great choice for today’s renaissance man; one who DJ’s, studies, and works, all in one day.



messenger bag



New Customer Review


Breakdown of the Canvas Simple Messenger Bag

Because I have been using the same one for almost 15 years now, I hadn’t really given any consideration to what I would look for in a brand-new bag. The thought had never occurred to me that my tried, tested, and true would end up giving out on me – but that’s exactly what happened.


This left me in a bit of a sticky situation. I use mine on a daily basis – literally, every single day of my life I use my tote – and I needed to find a quality replacement as soon as humanly possible. I searched high and low, asked friends for recommendations, and combed the web until I finally ended up stumbling upon the Canvas Simple Messenger bag.

Boy was I hooked from the minute that I laid eyes on it.


Ridiculously simple, but amazingly flexible

The one thing that I will say about my old tote – which I thought I would miss terribly, but ended up missing not all that much – was that it was ridiculously flexible for just about any application I could imagine. Not only was it able to hold my laptop and everything else I need for work,but it could also be quickly converted to a simple “backpack” that I could use on weekend getaways or even longer trips.


This specific Canvas Simple line is exactly the same kind of super flexible powerhouse I was looking for, it is even more simple and straightforward than the bag I used to own.


With just a large compartment in the middle, I can fit almost anything and everything I need to in the messenger bag without sacrificing any utility whatsoever. I’d love it if there were a couple of “insider pockets” or even some dividers, but it’s not really that big of a deal – and certainly not a dealbreaker in any way, shape, or form.


I also love how the straps just buckling to one another, providing for a simple fastening system. My old bag used buckles that you would find on a belt, and it could really become a headache and hassle to try and fasten and then unfasten it when you needed to put something in or take something out.


Amazing construction throughout

The next real thing that impressed me about the Canvas Simple line was how amazingly durable the construction felt throughout the entire bag.


Granted, I haven’t had this bad for all that long quite yet – but it seems to be built to last at least the 15 years I got out of my old bag. I’m sure that time will tell, but the 100% duck cotton canvas (the same kind of material used in Carhart pants and other quality durable work clothing) seems to be more than up for the task at hand.


I also appreciated how the attention to detail seem to shine through throughout the bag, as there are picture-perfect stitches throughout the messenger bag, including on the waterproof lining that encircles the entire interior.


The metal features that are on the outside of the bag are also nice touches, and the shoulder strap is secure but at the same time comfortable. I feel absolutely no worries whatsoever when I am wearing the bag around town, even when I’m on my bicycle. I just know that the whole thing is built to stay put together – something that I truly appreciate.


If you are in the market for a courier tote today – or find yourself in the market for one in the future – I would definitely recommend the Canvas Simple.